Discover Indian Cuisine Across Toronto Neighborhoods

Toronto, a vibrant tapestry of cultures, is a veritable playground for the culinary adventurer, especially if your taste buds are inclined towards the intricate flavors of Indian cuisine. From the bustling streets of Downtown to the diverse enclaves of Scarborough, the city boasts an impressive array of Indian dining options. Whether you’re seeking the comforting warmth of a spicy Vindaloo or the tangy zest of a street-style Chaat, the Indian restaurants in Toronto by neighborhood guide is your ultimate compass. This article is meticulously crafted to serve as a comprehensive guide to the best Indian dining places in Toronto by neighborhood, ensuring that food lovers can savor an authentic taste of India in every corner of the city. Get ready to embark on a delicious journey through Toronto’s best Indian restaurants, where every neighborhood promises a unique culinary delight.

Top 35 Indian Restaurants in Toronto by Neighborhood

Downtown Toronto

  1. Bombay Palace
  2. Aanch
  3. Bindia Indian Bistro
  4. Little India Restaurant
  5. Udupi Palace


  1. Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant
  2. MotiMahal Restaurant
  3. Saravanaa Bhavan
  4. Canbe Foods
  5. The Nilgiris


  1. Tandoori Flame
  2. A1 Indian Restaurant
  3. Brar’s-Bovaird
  4. Bikaner Sweets Factory
  5. Mirch Masala


  1. Annapurna Vegetarian
  2. Bombay on the Lake
  3. Chutneys Fine Indian Cuisine
  4. New India Pub
  5. Saravanaa Bhavan


  1. Aroma Fine Indian Cuisine
  2. Host Indian Cuisine
  3. The Tandoor House
  4. Dakshin’s
  5. Ambiyan

North York

  1. The Copper Chimney
  2. Madras Masala
  3. Raj Mahal Indian Cuisine
  4. Bombay Bhel
  5. Flavor of India


  1. Avani Asian Indian Bistro
  2. Bombay Bhel
  3. Mango Mirchi
  4. Chilli Chicken House
  5. Guru Lukshmi
filling up Indian thaali

Downtown Toronto

Bombay Palace

Treat yourself to a delightful lunch experience at one of downtown Toronto’s acclaimed eateries that promise to satisfy your hunger. Situated in the heart of Downtown Toronto, Bombay Palace stands out as a flagship destination for those seeking traditional North Indian cuisine. Known for its elegant setting and a consistently welcoming atmosphere, Bombay Palace has been serving both locals and tourists for over three decades. This restaurant is particularly famous for its extensive menu featuring royal delicacies like the Lamb Rogan Josh and the Butter Chicken, which are often cited as the best dishes by patrons. Additionally, its assorted bread basket featuring freshly baked naan, roti, and paratha is a must-try. A distinct feature of Bombay Palace is their ability to cater to both lavish gatherings and intimate dinners, making it a versatile choice for any occasion. As a premier name among Indian restaurants in Toronto by neighborhood Bombay Palace is a culinary landmark that promises a memorable dining experience.

Address: 71 Jarvis St, Toronto, ON M5C 2H2, Canada
Contact: +1 647-867-5536


Aanch, positioned at a trendy spot in Downtown Toronto, redefines Indian cuisine with a modern twist. This restaurant focuses on creating a unique dining experience by blending traditional Indian cooking techniques with contemporary presentations. Aanch’s menu is crafted to cater to a discerning clientele, featuring specialties like the Tandoori Lamb Chops and Seafood Biryani. Their signature dish, the Aanch Special Chicken, marinated in exotic herbs and cooked to perfection in a clay oven, is a gastronomic delight. The ambiance at Aanch is designed to invoke a sense of modern elegance, making it a standout among the best Indian restaurants in Toronto by neighborhood The restaurant also features an exclusive wine list that pairs beautifully with the spices and flavors of Indian cuisine, ensuring a sophisticated dining adventure.

Address: 259 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V 3E4, Canada
Contact: +1 416-599-0513

Bindia Indian Bistro

Located opposite the bustling St. Lawrence Market, Bindia Indian Bistro offers a refreshing take on traditional Indian cuisine with its focus on health-conscious meals. This bistro is well-loved for its use of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and less oil in its dishes, without compromising the authenticity of flavors. Signature dishes such as Mango Chicken Curry and Lamb Vindaloo are popular among guests, with the former being praised for its perfect balance of sweet and spicy. Bindia provides a cozy, inviting atmosphere that complements its innovative dishes, making it a prime choice for Indian dining places in Toronto by neighborhood. The bistro also offers a scenic patio view, which is ideal for summer dining, enhancing the overall experience with a touch of Toronto’s vibrant urban charm.

Address: 16 Market St., Toronto, ON M5E 1M6, Canada
Contact: +1 416-863-0000

Little India Restaurant

As one of the longstanding eateries in Toronto, Little India Restaurant offers a dive into the rich tapestry of Indian flavors with its robust menu that includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Known for its buffet, which allows diners to sample a wide array of dishes, the restaurant prides itself on serving authentic Indian cuisine like the Palak Paneer and Chicken Tikka Masala, their crowd-pleaser. Little India Restaurant’s commitment to quality and taste has secured its spot as one of the top Indian restaurants in Toronto by neighborhood. The warm decor and friendly service add to the homely feel, ensuring a welcoming environment for all guests. Their lunch buffet is especially popular, providing an excellent value for an exploratory dining experience.

Address: 255 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1Z4, Canada
Contact: +1 416-205-9836

cooked rice

Udupi Palace

Make sure to include a visit to the city’s top vegetarian Indian restaurants for a delectable meat-free experience. Situated in the bustling area of Downtown Toronto, Udupi Palace specializes in South Indian vegetarian cuisine, making it a unique gem among Indian eateries in the city. This restaurant is renowned for its authentic dishes such as Dosa, Idli, and Vada, served with fresh coconut chutney and sambar. The Masala Dosa, a rice and lentil crepe filled with spicy mashed potatoes, is a must-try and often highlighted as the best dish on the menu. Udupi Palace offers a simple yet inviting atmosphere, where the focus is purely on the quality and authenticity of the food. As a standout for best Indian dining places in Toronto by neighborhood Udupi Palace attracts not only vegetarians but anyone looking to enjoy flavorful, hearty, and wholesome Indian meals.

Address: 1423 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1Z7, Canada
Contact: +1 416-405-8189

Scarborough Toronto

Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant

Consider exploring some of the top seafood restaurants in Toronto for a delightful seafood feast. Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Scarborough, Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant is celebrated for bringing the authentic flavors of Tamil Nadu’s Chettinad region to Toronto. This restaurant is a go-to spot for spicy lovers, known for its robust use of spices and fresh ingredients that promise an explosion of flavors. A standout dish is their Chettinad Chicken, a fiery curry that showcases the complexity of their spice blends. Additionally, Anjappar offers a variety of seafood dishes that are equally tantalizing, with the Crab Masala being a local favorite. The restaurant’s décor is infused with cultural elements from South India, providing a complete immersive experience. Recognized as one of the Indian restaurants in Toronto by neighborhood Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant is a must-visit for anyone craving an authentic South Indian culinary journey.

Address: 3090 Eglinton Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1J 2H1, Canada
Contact: +1 416-265-2695

MotiMahal Restaurant

MotiMahal Restaurant in Scarborough offers a delightful array of North Indian dishes, making it a cherished dining destination among locals. It is best known for its Mughlai cooking techniques which involve simmering dishes on a slow fire to enhance the flavors. The Butter Chicken here is legendary, boasting a perfect blend of creaminess and spice, making it the restaurant’s best dish. Furthermore, MotiMahal’s Tandoori Platter, which features a selection of marinated meats cooked in a traditional clay oven, is a feast for the senses. The ambiance of MotiMahal matches the richness of its cuisine, with decor that reflects the grandeur of the Mughal era. This spot is highlighted as a top choice when searching for Indian dining places in Toronto by neighborhood offering a regal dining experience that transports diners to the heart of India.

Address: 1422 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1Z6, Canada
Contact: +1 416-461-3111

Saravanaa Bhavan

Saravanaa Bhavan in Scarborough is part of an internationally renowned chain known for its authentic South Indian vegetarian cuisine. This location stands out for its consistency in quality and taste, serving dishes that are both traditional and inventive. The Masala Dosa, a large crispy crepe filled with spicy mashed potatoes, is the restaurant’s signature dish and a must-try for first-time visitors. The restaurant also offers a variety of Tamil Nadu’s street foods like Pani Puri and Bhel Puri, providing a taste of Indian roadside eateries. The atmosphere at Saravanaa Bhavan is casual and family-friendly, making it a popular choice among Indian eateries in Toronto by neighborhood for vegetarians and health-conscious diners alike.

Address: Woodside Square Mall – McCowan Entrance, 1571 Sandhurst Cir Unit 153, Scarborough, ON M1V 1V2, Canada
Contact: +1 416-293-7755

Indian food served

Canbe Foods

Canbe Foods is a unique entry in Scarborough’s Indian food scene, specializing in authentic Indian snacks and sweets. This eatery is renowned for its Samosas and Chaats, making it a favorite spot for quick bites and savory treats. The Mango Lassi here is touted as the best in town, offering a refreshing complement to the spicy offerings. Canbe Foods’ informal setup and take-out style service cater to a bustling clientele looking for quality Indian street food. Its commitment to traditional flavors and quick service makes it a highlighted spot under Indian restaurants in Toronto by neighborhood perfect for those seeking a taste of India on the go.

Address: 1760 Ellesmere Rd, Scarborough, ON M1H 2T9, Canada
Contact: +1 416-298-2219

The Nilgiris

The Nilgiris restaurant brings a slice of Tamil Nadu to Scarborough with its focus on Southern Indian specialties. Known for its warm hospitality and homestyle cooking, this eatery offers a diverse menu that includes everything from Kothu Parotta to Chicken Chettinad. The Nilgiris’ standout dish is their Thali, which offers a sampling of various dishes and is a great option for those looking to explore different aspects of South Indian cuisine. The restaurant features simple, comfortable décor, aiming to make guests feel like they are dining in a family home. As one of the top Indian restaurants in Toronto by neighborhood, The Nilgiris is an ideal destination for those wishing to experience the heartwarming simplicity of Southern Indian dining.

Address: 3021 Markham Rd #50, Scarborough, ON M1X 1L8, Canada
Contact: +1 416-412-0024

Embark on a sweet journey through Scarborough’s top dessert places for a delightful ending to your dining experience.

Brampton Toronto

Tandoori Flame

Tandoori Flame in Brampton prides itself as North America’s largest Indian buffet, offering a vast selection of dishes that span the breadth of Indian cuisine. This restaurant is celebrated for its live cooking stations where guests can watch as chefs prepare delectable dishes right before their eyes. The best dish to try here is the Tandoori Chicken, known for its succulence and rich marinade. The restaurant’s expansive buffet includes a range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, making it a hit among all types of diners. Tandoori Flame’s vibrant decor, coupled with its festive atmosphere, makes it a family favorite and a standout among Indian restaurants in Toronto by neighborhood. This venue is perfect for large gatherings where everyone can find something to savor.

Address: 8150 Dixie Rd, Brampton, ON L6T 5N9, Canada
Contact: +1 905-451-1686

A1 Indian Restaurant

A1 Indian Restaurant is a cherished spot in Brampton for its authentic Punjabi cuisine. This eatery is renowned for its Butter Chicken, a dish that perfectly captures the creamy and aromatic qualities that are staples in North Indian recipes. A1 Indian Restaurant also specializes in Amritsari Kulcha, stuffed bread that’s a must-try for anyone craving genuine Punjabi flavors. The restaurant offers a cozy, inviting atmosphere that complements its hearty meals, making it a popular choice among locals. As a key destination for Indian dining places in Toronto by neighborhood A1 ensures a memorable dining experience with its focus on traditional flavors and generous portions, ideal for family meals or dining with friends.

Address: 7875 Tranmere Dr, Mississauga, ON L5S 1T8, Canada
Contact: +1 905-677-9121

butter chicken


Located in the heart of Brampton, Brar’s-Bovaird is an iconic establishment known for its focus on vegetarian cuisine and a wide array of Indian sweets. This restaurant is particularly famous for its Thali, which includes a variety of dishes served on a single platter, providing a complete meal that satisfies all taste preferences. Brar’s is also a go-to place for Indian sweets, with their Gulab Jamun being a celebrated favorite. The clean and bright setting of Brar’s-Bovaird, along with its friendly service, makes it a welcoming spot for families and anyone looking for a delicious, plant-based meal. It’s a noteworthy addition to top Indian restaurants in Toronto by neighborhood, especially for those who appreciate high-quality vegetarian options.

Address: 2969 Bovaird Dr E #1, Brampton, ON L6S 0C6, Canada
Contact: +1 905-790-0330

Bikaner Sweets Factory

Bikaner Sweets Factory specializes in both traditional Indian sweets and savory snacks, making it a unique fixture in Brampton’s culinary scene. Famous for its Samosas and Jalebis, this eatery offers a taste of authentic street food that is both delightful and memorable. Bikaner Sweets Factory’s commitment to freshness and quality has made it a beloved destination for those looking to indulge in traditional flavors. The casual setting and take-away format make it ideal for quick stops to satisfy sweet or savory cravings. Included among Indian eateries in Toronto by neighborhood, Bikaner Sweets Factory appeals to those seeking genuine Indian snacks and desserts crafted with care and expertise.

Address: 30 Strathearn Ave, Brampton, ON L6T 4L8, Canada
Contact: +1 905-789-9900

Mirch Masala

Mirch Masala in Brampton offers a diverse menu that highlights the rich flavors of Indian cuisine with a special emphasis on grilled dishes and curries. The restaurant’s signature dish, the Lamb Rogan Josh, is a must-try for its deep, aromatic gravy and tender meat. Mirch Masala is also known for its friendly atmosphere and attentive service, making guests feel right at home. The interior is modest but warmly decorated, focusing on creating a relaxed dining environment. As one of the best Indian restaurants in Toronto by neighborhood Mirch Masala is a favorite for those seeking a dining experience that combines flavorful meals with a welcoming vibe.

Address: 263 Queen St E #19, Brampton, ON L6W 4K6, Canada
Contact: +1 905-216-7322

Etobicoke Toronto

Annapurna Vegetarian

Annapurna Vegetarian in Etobicoke offers a sanctuary for those seeking authentic South Indian vegetarian cuisine. This restaurant is especially renowned for its dedication to freshness and the authentic preparation of dishes such as Dosa and Idli, served with homemade sambhar and a variety of chutneys. The standout dish here is the Masala Dosa, widely celebrated for its crispiness and flavorful potato filling. Annapurna’s commitment to maintaining traditional cooking methods has made it a beloved spot among vegetarians and health-conscious diners alike. The serene and simplistic decor of the restaurant enhances the dining experience, focusing on the purity and essence of South Indian culinary traditions. As a key player among Indian dining places in Toronto by neighborhood Annapurna Vegetarian remains a top choice for those looking to indulge in a genuine and wholesome Indian meal.

Address: 1085 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5R 3G8, Canada
Contact: +1 416-537-8513

matka pulao

Bombay on the Lake

Nestled near the scenic shores of Lake Ontario, Bombay on the Lake offers a picturesque dining experience with a view that complements its richly flavored dishes. This restaurant is famed for its unique take on traditional Indian recipes, such as the Bombay Fish Curry, which is lauded as the best dish on the menu. The use of fresh, local ingredients and an emphasis on seafood specialties set Bombay on the Lake apart from other Indian restaurants in Toronto by neighborhood. The cozy ambiance, combined with the warm hospitality, makes it an ideal spot for both romantic dinners and family outings. Additionally, their summer patio dining option allows guests to enjoy their meal with a refreshing lakeside breeze, adding a special touch to the overall dining experience.

Address: 3007 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke, ON M8V 1K2, Canada
Contact: +1 416-850-3721

Chutneys Fine Indian Cuisine

Chutneys Fine Indian Cuisine in Etobicoke is known for its refined approach to North Indian dishes, creating a blend of traditional and innovative flavors. The restaurant’s signature dish, the Lamb Biryani, is perfectly seasoned and cooked to impress even the most discerning palates. Chutneys is also celebrated for its elegant atmosphere and meticulous presentation, making it the best Indian restaurant in Toronto by neighborhood. The restaurant offers a diverse menu that includes a selection of kebabs and curries, meticulously prepared to enhance their natural flavors. For those seeking a sophisticated dining experience with dishes crafted from high-quality ingredients, Chutneys provides a memorable setting that merges culinary art with authentic Indian hospitality.

Address: 3077 Bloor St W, Etobicoke, ON M8X 1C7, Canada
Contact: +1 416-231-1367

New India Pub

Explore the must-visit spots where you can enjoy delicious wings with a variety of sauces and seasonings. New India Pub offers a unique fusion of Indian cuisine and pub culture, located in the heart of Etobicoke. This spot is celebrated for bringing together the vibrant flavors of India with the casual, relaxed atmosphere of a Western pub. Their standout dish, the Tandoori Chicken Wings, is a crowd-pleaser, known for its spicy marinade and smoky finish. New India Pub is a great destination for those looking to enjoy Indian eateries in Toronto by neighborhood with a twist, offering a range of craft beers and cocktails that perfectly complement their spicy dishes. The lively ambiance, coupled with sports screening and themed nights, makes it a popular spot among younger crowds and those seeking a less traditional dining experience.

Saravanaa Bhavan

As part of a well-known international chain, Saravanaa Bhavan in Etobicoke continues the tradition of serving high-quality South Indian vegetarian cuisine. This restaurant is famed for its authentic dosas and idlis, which are staples in South Indian homes. The Mini Tiffin, an assortment of several dishes, is highly recommended for those new to South Indian cuisine, allowing diners to sample a variety of flavors in one meal. Saravanaa Bhavan’s clean, bright interior and efficient service make it a favorite among families and large groups. Recognized as one of the top Indian restaurants in Toronto by neighborhood, it offers a consistent and enjoyable dining experience, adhering to the high standards set by its global counterparts.

Address: 4559 Hurontario St #12B, Mississauga, ON L4Z 3L9, Canada
Contact: +1 905-290-0769

people eating in an Indian restaurant

Markham Toronto

Aroma Fine Indian Cuisine

Aroma Fine Indian Cuisine in Markham offers an upscale dining experience with an emphasis on North Indian dishes. Renowned for its elegant atmosphere, Aroma provides a menu that blends traditional recipes with contemporary cooking techniques. The standout dish here is the Kashmiri Rogan Josh, a rich lamb curry that is both aromatic and deeply flavored. Aroma is particularly celebrated for its use of high-quality ingredients and its extensive wine list that pairs exceptionally well with spicy Indian dishes. This restaurant’s attention to detail and commitment to an authentic yet innovative dining experience make it a premier choice for Indian restaurants in Toronto by neighborhood. The plush seating and warm lighting contribute to a sophisticated setting perfect for special occasions or a romantic night out.

Address: 287 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1J5, Canada
Contact: +1 416-971-7242

Host Indian Cuisine

Host Indian Cuisine in Markham is known for its modern approach to Indian cooking, presenting classic dishes with a gourmet twist. The restaurant prides itself on its creative menu, with the Lamb Chops Masala being a particularly popular choice among patrons for its tender meat and flavorful marinade. Host’s ambiance matches its innovative culinary approach, featuring a contemporary decor that attracts a trendy clientele. It is recognized as one of the top Indian restaurants in Toronto by neighborhood for its fusion of flavors and high-end dining experience. Host also offers a variety of vegetarian options, catering to diverse dietary preferences. Their friendly staff and attentive service ensure a memorable dining experience for all guests.

Address: 10 East Wilmot St unit 14, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1G9, Canada
Contact: +1 905-709-4678

The Tandoor House

The Tandoor House in Markham stands out for its traditional tandoori cooking, where meats are marinated in a mixture of spices and yogurt, then cooked in a clay oven. This cooking method gives dishes like their signature Tandoori Chicken a distinctive charred texture and deep, smoky flavor that is hard to find elsewhere. The Tandoor House is revered for offering an authentic taste of Indian tandoori cuisine, making it a must-visit among Indian dining places in Toronto by neighborhood. The casual, family-friendly atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for casual dining where guests can enjoy hearty, flavorful meals in a relaxed setting.

Address: 50 Anderson Ave, Markham, ON L6E 1A6, Canada
Contact: +1 905-554-5288


Dakshin’s specializes in South Indian cuisine, offering a diverse array of dishes that celebrate the rich flavors and ingredients typical of India’s southern states. This restaurant is famous for its Hyderabadi Biryani, a fragrant, spicy rice dish that is often considered the crown jewel of South Indian cooking. Dakshin’s commitment to authenticity is evident in its use of traditional spices and cooking methods, providing a genuine South Indian dining experience. As one of the best Indian restaurants in Toronto by neighborhood, Dakshin’s also offers a variety of vegetarian dishes, including Dosa and Idli, which are equally popular with the local South Indian community. The simple yet welcoming decor adds to the immersive culinary experience.

Indian food served


Broaden your culinary horizons with a visit to Markham and Unionville’s top dining spots. Ambiyan in Markham offers a menu that combines traditional Indian recipes with an emphasis on local, sustainable ingredients. Known for its innovative approach to Indian cuisine, Ambiyan’s Butter Chicken has been acclaimed as the best dish, praised for its creamy texture and rich flavor profile. This restaurant is a standout for those seeking Indian eateries in Toronto by neighborhood with a green ethos, as it sources many of its ingredients from local farms. The contemporary ambiance, coupled with its commitment to environmental sustainability, makes Ambiyan a popular choice among eco-conscious diners. The restaurant also features an outdoor patio, providing a perfect setting for summer dining experiences.

Address: 149 Main St Unionville, Unionville, ON L3R 2G8, Canada
Contact: +1 905-480-0094

North York

The Copper Chimney

The Copper Chimney in North York is renowned for its exceptional North Indian cuisine, offering a traditional dining experience with a modern flair. It is particularly famous for its Tandoori dishes, with the Tandoori Mixed Grill being a standout—a lavish assortment of marinated meats cooked in a clay oven. The restaurant’s interior boasts a sophisticated ambiance, making it a preferred choice for family dinners and business gatherings alike. The Copper Chimney’s attention to detail extends to their service, which is attentive and personalized, ensuring a memorable meal for every guest. As a highlight among Indian restaurants in Toronto by neighborhood this spot is a must-visit for those who appreciate the rich, complex flavors of authentic North Indian food.

Address: 2050 Avenue Rd, North York, ON M5M 4A6, Canada
Contact: +1 647-436-2538

Madras Masala

Madras Masala in North York specializes in South Indian cuisine, offering a taste of Tamil Nadu’s culinary traditions. Known for its dosas and idlis, the restaurant’s Masala Dosa—a large, crispy crepe filled with spicy mashed potatoes—is particularly beloved and often named the best dish. Madras Masala provides a casual, family-friendly atmosphere that is ideal for experiencing the vibrant flavors and spices typical of South Indian cooking. As a key destination within Indian dining places in Toronto by neighborhood it stands out for its commitment to genuine flavors and its broad vegetarian menu, catering to a diverse clientele seeking a taste of South India in the heart of Toronto.

Address: 796 Bloor St W #1, Toronto, ON M6G 1L7, Canada
Contact: +1 647-342-4359

Raj Mahal Indian Cuisine

Raj Mahal Indian Cuisine offers a rich blend of North and South Indian dishes, making it a versatile dining option in North York. The restaurant is best known for its lavish buffet, which includes a variety of dishes ranging from creamy Butter Chicken to spicy Lamb Vindaloo. The buffet’s best dish, however, is the Palak Paneer, a smooth spinach curry with cubes of paneer cheese, which is a favorite among regulars. The ambiance at Raj Mahal is warm and inviting, with decor that reflects the cultural heritage of India, making it a cozy spot for both casual diners and larger groups. This establishment is frequently cited as one of the top Indian restaurants in Toronto by neighborhood, beloved for its diverse menu and quality dining experience.

Address: Dufferin Corners, 1881 Steeles Ave W, Toronto, ON M3H 5Y4, Canada
Contact: +1 647-748-4040

food in an Indian restaurant

Bombay Bhel

Bombay Bhel brings a slice of Mumbai to North York with its street food-inspired menu. The restaurant is famed for its Bhel Puri and Pani Puri, offering a genuine taste of Indian chaat. The standout dish here is the Mumbai Thali, which provides a taste of various regional specialties, giving diners a comprehensive flavor experience. Bombay Bhel’s casual setting is complemented by vibrant decor that echoes the lively streets of Bombay, creating an engaging and fun atmosphere. Recognized as a key spot among Indian eateries in Toronto by neighborhood, it attracts those looking for an authentic and informal dining experience with flavors that are bold and invigorating. Once you’ve indulged in the flavors of Indian cuisine at the best restaurants in Toronto’s neighborhoods, recharge your batteries at North York’s top must-visit cafes.

Address: Inside Times Square – RIGHT ABOVE BMO – 2nd Floor FREE UNDERGROUND PARKING, 550 Hwy 7 #211, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3Z4, Canada
Contact: +1 905-771-6957

Flavor of India

Flavor of India in North York is a family-owned restaurant that offers a diverse menu highlighting the culinary diversity of India, from rich North Indian curries to the coastal flavors of the South. The restaurant’s signature dish, the Goat Curry, is highly recommended for its depth of flavor and tender meat. Flavor of India prides itself on using traditional cooking methods and fresh ingredients, which resonate well with diners seeking authentic Indian meals. The restaurant features a simple yet welcoming decor, focusing on creating a relaxing environment where families and friends can enjoy a meal together. As part of the best Indian restaurants in Toronto by neighborhood Flavor of India stands out for its commitment to authenticity and quality in every dish.


Avani Asian Indian Bistro

Avani Asian Indian Bistro in Mississauga is known for its sophisticated blend of traditional and contemporary Indian dishes, making it a standout in the local culinary scene. The restaurant prides itself on its elegant presentation and innovative menu, which includes specialties such as the Truffle Oil Infused Chicken Tikka. This dish, known for its unique flavor profile, is a favorite among patrons and is indicative of Avani’s commitment to pushing culinary boundaries. The atmosphere at Avani is modern and refined, suitable for both romantic dinners and business meetings. As one of the best Indian restaurants in Toronto by neighborhood. Avani offers a dining experience that combines great flavors with luxurious ambiance, making it a top choice for those seeking an upscale Indian meal in Mississauga. Quench your thirst and experience the delightful world of bubble tea in Mississauga.

Address: 801 Matheson Blvd W, Mississauga, ON L5V 2N6, Canada
Contact: +1 905-501-0021

Bombay Bhel

Bombay Bhel in Mississauga offers a vibrant taste of Indian street food with a focus on Mumbai’s famous chaats and bhels. Known for its colorful and lively setting, the restaurant creates a casual and fun atmosphere where diners can enjoy a variety of flavorful dishes. The Pani Puri, served with tamarind water and stuffed with spicy mashed potatoes, is a highlight and is often considered the best dish on the menu. Bombay Bhel’s commitment to authentic Indian street food flavors makes it a popular destination among Indian eateries in Toronto by neighborhood, appealing to those who appreciate a genuine and energetic dining experience reminiscent of the bustling streets of Mumbai.

Address: 5035 Hurontario St, Mississauga, ON L4Z 3X7, Canada
Contact: +1 905-890-7955

Indian food

Mango Mirchi

Mango Mirchi in Mississauga is celebrated for its creative fusion of traditional Indian flavors with global culinary techniques. This restaurant is particularly famed for its Mango Chicken, a dish that perfectly balances the sweetness of mango with the spiciness of Indian spices, creating a memorable taste sensation. The ambiance at Mango Mirchi is trendy and inviting, making it a favorite among a younger crowd and food enthusiasts looking for something out of the ordinary. Recognized as one of the Indian dining places in Toronto by neighborhood Mango Mirchi stands out for its innovative approach to Indian cuisine, offering dishes that are both familiar and excitingly new.

Address: 99 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON L5A 1W7, Canada
Contact: +1 905-602-7385

Chilli Chicken House

Chilli Chicken House in Mississauga specializes in Indo-Chinese cuisine, offering a spicy and tantalizing menu that combines the bold flavors of Indian spices with Chinese cooking styles. The restaurant’s signature dish, Chilli Chicken, is a must-try for its fiery sauce and perfectly crispy chicken pieces. Chilli Chicken House provides a simple yet vibrant dining space, where the focus is on enjoying hearty, flavor-packed meals. This spot is often listed among top Indian restaurants in Toronto by neighborhood for those seeking a culinary adventure that bridges two rich food cultures, making it a unique and popular choice for diverse and adventurous diners.

Address: 4040 Creditview Rd #25, Mississauga, ON L5C 4E3, Canada
Contact: +1 905-232-1199

Guru Lukshmi

Discover where to find the best dosa in the city and experience the flavors of South India. Guru Lukshmi in Mississauga is distinguished for its authentic South Indian vegetarian cuisine. It is highly regarded for its dosas, which are large, crispy South Indian crepes filled with a variety of savory fillings. The Masala Dosa, filled with spiced potatoes, is particularly celebrated and is often recommended as the best dish to new visitors. The restaurant maintains a traditional decor that complements its menu, providing a warm and welcoming environment that enhances the dining experience. As a noted member of best Indian dining places in Toronto by neighborhood Guru Lukshmi is a destination for those who value authenticity and the rich, complex flavors of South Indian vegetarian cooking.

Address: 7070 St Barbara Blvd #50, Mississauga, ON L5W 0E6, Canada
Contact: +1 905-795-2299

Key Takeaways

  • Toronto offers a vast array of Indian restaurants, each specializing in different regional cuisines from North Indian creamy curries to South Indian spicy dosas, catering to a wide range of palates.
  • Each neighborhood in Toronto showcases its unique flavor with restaurants that highlight specific aspects of Indian cuisine, whether it’s street food in Mississauga, vegetarian dishes in Etobicoke, or upscale dining in Downtown Toronto.
  • Many of these restaurants are celebrated for providing authentic dining experiences that include traditional cooking methods and typical Indian decor, enhancing the cultural immersion.
  • Whether looking for a casual meal with family or a fine dining experience, there’s a restaurant to suit every occasion and taste preference across Toronto’s neighborhoods.
  • Several restaurants, like Avani Asian Indian Bistro and Mango Mirchi, emphasize the use of high-quality, fresh ingredients, sometimes incorporating local and sustainable food sources.
  • Places like Mango Mirchi and New India Pub demonstrate culinary creativity by fusing traditional Indian flavors with global influences, offering unique dishes that stand out in the food scene.


  1. Can I find South Indian food in Toronto?
    Yes, Udupi Palace in Downtown Toronto and Saravanaa Bhavan in Etobicoke are great for South Indian vegetarian cuisine.
  2. Are there any Indian restaurants in Toronto that offer a buffet?
    Tandoori Flame in Brampton offers North America’s largest Indian buffet with a variety of dishes.
  3. Which Indian restaurant in Scarborough is known for authentic Chettinad cuisine?
    Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant specializes in authentic Chettinad dishes and flavors.
  4. Where can I find good vegetarian Indian food in Toronto?
    Annapurna Vegetarian in Etobicoke and Brar’s-Bovaird in Brampton are excellent choices for vegetarian Indian cuisine. Venture into Etobicoke to discover the city’s best pizza joints and experience a different culinary delight.
  5. What is the best Indian restaurant for street food in Mississauga?
    Bombay Bhel is popular for its authentic Indian street food like Bhel Puri and Pani Puri.
  6. Which Indian restaurant in Markham is known for upscale dining?
    Aroma Fine Indian Cuisine offers an upscale dining experience with a focus on North Indian dishes.
  7. Where can I try Indian-Chinese cuisine in Toronto?
    Chilli Chicken House in Mississauga specializes in Indo-Chinese dishes, known for its spicy and flavorful Chilli Chicken.
  8. Which restaurants offer a good selection of Indian seafood dishes in Toronto?
    Bombay on the Lake in Etobicoke is notable for its seafood specialties, including Bombay Fish Curry.
  9. What is the best place for Hyderabadi Biryani in Toronto?
    Dakshin’s in Markham is renowned for its authentic Hyderabi Biryani, rich in flavor and spices.
  10. Where can I find a comprehensive Indian Thali meal in Toronto?
    The Nilgiris in Scarborough offers a traditional South Indian Thali that includes a variety of dishes in one meal.

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