The Ultimate Guide to Group Dining in Toronto

Toronto, a vibrant mosaic of cultures and flavors, offers a culinary scene as diverse as its population. When it comes to dining out with friends, family, or colleagues, the city boasts an impressive array of restaurants for large groups in Toronto, catering to every taste and occasion. From the bustling streets of downtown to the charming nooks of its neighborhoods, finding the best restaurants for group dining in Toronto has never been easier. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, hosting a business dinner, or simply gathering for a joyous reunion, Toronto’s best restaurants for large groups promise memorable experiences filled with delectable dishes. Join us as we embark on a gastronomic journey to uncover the top restaurants for large groups in Toronto, where the welcome is warm, and the tables are always set for celebration.

Why Choose Toronto for Group Dining?

Toronto stands out as a premier destination for group dining, thanks to its extraordinary diversity in cuisine and a wealth of spaces that cater to large gatherings. This city, known for its multicultural fabric, offers a dining experience that spans the globe. From authentic Italian trattorias, sumptuous Asian banquets, to traditional Middle Eastern feasts, Toronto’s culinary landscape ensures that every palate is satisfied, making it an ideal choice for restaurants for large groups in Toronto.

Moreover, the city prides itself on its array of venues that specialize in accommodating large parties. Whether you’re looking for a cozy spot in the Distillery District or a lavish dining hall downtown, the best restaurants for large groups in Toronto are equipped with the necessary space and amenities to host your gathering comfortably. These establishments are not only prepared to seat everyone together but also to create an engaging dining experience that fosters communal enjoyment and celebration. Choosing Toronto for group dining means embracing the city’s rich tapestry of flavors and its hospitality that warmly welcomes groups of all sizes. After selecting a venue from our guide to Toronto’s top restaurants for group dining, consider consulting our ultimate guide for bachelorette party ideas in Toronto to plan an unforgettable night out.

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How to Choose the Best Restaurant for Large Groups in Toronto

Selecting the best restaurant for large groups in Toronto involves more than just finding a place with enough chairs. It’s about creating an experience that everyone will remember. Here are some key considerations and tips to ensure you pick the perfect spot:

Space: Ensure the restaurant can comfortably accommodate your group size, offering enough room for everyone to interact freely. Combining the joy of food with the pleasure of companionship, our guide to the top restaurants for group dining in Toronto pairs perfectly with our strategies for making new friends in the city, ensuring every meal is an opportunity to connect.

Menu Variety: Look for menus that cater to a range of dietary preferences and restrictions, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Location: Consider the restaurant’s location and its accessibility for all group members. Proximity to public transportation or available parking can be a deciding factor.

Group Amenities: Inquire about specific group amenities such as private dining rooms, customized menus, or audio-visual equipment for presentations.

Top 24 Restaurants for Large Groups in Toronto

  1. Terroni 
  2. Bar Isabel
  3. Canoe 
  4. Momofuku Toronto
  5. The Drake Hotel 
  6. Rodney’s Oyster House 
  7. El Catrin Destileria
  8. Gusto 101 
  9. Pai Northern Thai Kitchen
  10. Luma 
  11. Buca Yorkville 
  12. Pizzeria Libretto
  13. Byblos Downtown 
  14. Aloette 
  15. Assembly Chef’s Hall 
  16. R&D 
  17. The Carbon Bar 
  18. Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie 
  19. Mildred’s Temple Kitchen 
  20. La Banane 
  21. Cactus Club Cafe 
  22. Enoteca Sociale 
  23. Scaramouche Restaurant 
  24. Kinka Izakaya


Terroni stands as a beacon for those seeking authentic Italian cuisine in the heart of Toronto. Known for its commitment to traditional Southern Italian recipes, this restaurant delights its guests with a wide array of pizzas, pastas, and other classic dishes prepared with a passion for preserving their original flavors. Terroni’s vibrant and bustling atmosphere, combined with its rustic decor, makes it a perfect venue for large groups looking to immerse themselves in a truly Italian dining experience. With spacious interiors across its locations, Terroni can comfortably accommodate large parties, making it one of the top restaurants for large groups in Toronto. What sets Terroni apart is not just its extensive menu but also its dedication to serving quality wines from across Italy, complementing every meal with the perfect sip. Whether celebrating a special occasion or simply gathering for a hearty meal, Terroni ensures a memorable experience for everyone.

Address: 57A Adelaide St E, Old Toronto

Bar Isabel

To add a touch of international flair to your group dining adventures in Toronto, check out the top Spanish tapas restaurants in the city. Bar Isabel is a gem in Toronto’s culinary scene, inviting large groups to dive into its warm, convivial ambiance that mirrors a classic Spanish taverna. Renowned for its Spanish-inspired dishes, this restaurant excels in offering a rich selection of tapas, seafood, and meats, all prepared with a contemporary twist. The allure of Bar Isabel lies not only in its food but also in its enchanting interior, characterized by dim lighting and a cozy setup, ideal for group dining in an intimate setting. With a capacity to welcome larger parties, Bar Isabel makes for an engaging dining experience, where guests can share a variety of dishes, exploring the depths of Spanish flavors. Its specialty in craft cocktails and an impressive list of Spanish wines further elevates the dining experience, marking it as one of the best restaurants for group dining in Toronto.

Address: 797 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1C7, Canada
Contact: +1 416-532-2222

group of people having food and talking


Perched atop the TD Bank Tower, Canoe offers an unparalleled dining experience with breathtaking views of the city skyline, making it a standout choice for large groups seeking an upscale dining venue. This restaurant is celebrated for its innovative Canadian cuisine, where each dish tells a story of the country’s rich heritage and local ingredients. Canoe’s elegant ambiance, combined with its exceptional service, sets the stage for memorable group events, from corporate gatherings to celebratory dinners. The restaurant’s ability to accommodate large groups, coupled with its private dining rooms, ensures a seamless experience for guests. Dining at Canoe is not just about the food; it’s about indulging in a culinary journey that highlights the best of Canada, earning its place among Toronto’s best restaurants for large groups.

Address: 66 Wellington St W 54th floor, Toronto, ON M5K 1H6, Canada
Contact: +1 416-364-0054

Momofuku Toronto

Momofuku Toronto is a dynamic addition to the city’s dining landscape, offering an inventive approach to Asian cuisine that captivates food enthusiasts and large parties alike. Situated in the heart of downtown Toronto, this establishment spans multiple floors, each presenting a different concept and dining experience, from noodle bars to upscale dining rooms. Known for its bold flavors and innovative dishes, Momofuku Toronto is a place where large groups can embark on a culinary adventure, exploring a variety of Asian-inspired dishes. The restaurant’s modern, minimalist design, combined with its lively atmosphere, makes it an ideal spot for group dining in Toronto. Whether it’s for a casual gathering or a more formal event, Momofuku Toronto’s versatility and commitment to culinary excellence make it one of the best restaurants for large groups in Toronto, promising an unforgettable dining experience.

Address: 190 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M5H 0A3 

The Drake Hotel

The Drake Hotel is not just a place to stay; it’s a landmark of culture and culinary delight in Toronto, making it a favorite among those seeking an eclectic dining experience for large groups. Known for its artistic flair and vibrant atmosphere, The Drake Hotel offers a diverse menu that caters to various tastes, from contemporary Canadian cuisine to inventive global dishes. The venue boasts multiple spaces, including a rooftop patio and a cozy lounge, each designed to foster a unique dining environment. To add an airy and scenic finale to your group dining plans, consider visiting Toronto’s top rooftop patios. With its ability to host large parties, The Drake Hotel stands out as one of the best restaurants for large groups in Toronto, offering not just a meal, but a memorable experience. Its commitment to showcasing local art and music adds an extra layer of enjoyment, ensuring that every visit is full of discovery and delight.

Address: 1150 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1J3, Canada
Contact: +1 416-531-5042

Rodney’s Oyster House

For seafood lovers in Toronto, Rodney’s Oyster House is a must-visit. Specializing in fresh, high-quality seafood, Rodney’s has carved out a niche as one of the top restaurants for large groups in Toronto, thanks to its spacious setting and warm, maritime-themed ambiance. Known for its wide selection of oysters, sourced from the best waters across Canada and beyond, Rodney’s also offers an array of seafood dishes that celebrate the ocean’s bounty. The casual yet lively atmosphere makes it perfect for group dining, where guests can enjoy shared platters and seafood towers, creating a communal and interactive dining experience. With knowledgeable staff ready to guide you through the menu and the day’s freshest catches, Rodney’s Oyster House ensures a delightful and educational meal for everyone involved.

Address: 469 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K4, Canada
Contact: +1 416-363-8105

group of people in a restaurant

El Catrin Destileria

Complement your group dining experience with a taste of Latin America by visiting Toronto’s top Mexican food spots. Nestled in the heart of Toronto’s Distillery District, El Catrin Destileria offers an authentic taste of Mexico with a modern twist, making it one of the best restaurants for large groups in Toronto seeking vibrant flavors and an electric atmosphere. The restaurant’s interior, adorned with stunning murals and a lively outdoor patio, sets the stage for an unforgettable group dining experience. El Catrin is renowned for its extensive selection of tequilas and mezcals, alongside a menu that features both traditional and contemporary Mexican dishes. From tantalizing tacos to sumptuous ceviches, the flavors are as bold and colorful as the setting. The restaurant’s ability to accommodate large parties, coupled with its festive ambiance, makes it an ideal spot for celebrations or casual get-togethers, ensuring every visit is a fiesta.

Address: 18 Tank House Lane, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4, Canada
Contact: +1 416-203-2121

Gusto 101

Gusto 101 is a testament to Toronto’s love affair with Italian cuisine, offering a modern take on traditional Italian dishes in an industrial-chic setting. Located in a converted auto body shop, Gusto 101 serves up delicious pizzas, pastas, and an array of Italian classics, along with an impressive wine list that includes their notable house wine, served directly from a barrel. The restaurant’s rooftop patio and spacious dining areas make it perfectly suited for large groups looking to enjoy a meal together in a lively and welcoming environment. With its open kitchen, guests can witness the magic of Italian cooking firsthand, adding an element of entertainment to the dining experience. Gusto 101’s commitment to quality ingredients and authentic flavors, combined with its group-friendly atmosphere, secures its spot among the best restaurants for large groups in Toronto, inviting guests to savor every bite in good company.

Address: 101 Portland St, Toronto, ON M5V 2N3, Canada
Contact: +1 416-504-9669

Pai Northern Thai Kitchen

Pai Northern Thai Kitchen is a culinary gem in Toronto that transports its guests to the heart of Thailand with its authentic Northern Thai cuisine. This restaurant is celebrated for its vibrant and flavorful dishes, such as Khao Soi and Pad Thai, prepared with traditional ingredients and techniques. The ambiance at Pai is as inviting as its food, with a casual, yet lively atmosphere that perfectly suits large groups. With its spacious dining area, Pai can accommodate gatherings of various sizes, making it one of the best restaurants for large groups in Toronto seeking an exotic culinary adventure. The attention to detail in both the decor and the presentation of dishes adds to the immersive dining experience, ensuring that every visit is memorable and leaves guests longing for more.

Address: 2335 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4P 2E6, Canada
Contact: +1 416-901-4724


Located in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District, Luma is an upscale restaurant known for its innovative approach to Canadian cuisine. With its sleek, modern interior and panoramic views of the city, Luma offers a dining experience that is both sophisticated and welcoming. The menu, crafted with seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients, showcases a contemporary twist on classic dishes, making it a hit among food connoisseurs. Luma’s ability to host large groups in its spacious dining room or private event spaces makes it a top choice for corporate events, celebrations, and group gatherings. Its commitment to excellence in service and cuisine ensures that Luma stands out as one of Toronto’s best restaurants for large groups, offering an elegant setting for memorable occasions.

Address: 350 King Street West 2nd Floor REITMAN SQUARE, Toronto, ON M5V 3X5, Canada
Contact: +1 647-288-4715

group of people in an open air restaurant

Buca Yorkville

Buca Yorkville is an epitome of Italian luxury dining in Toronto, offering a refined take on traditional Italian recipes. Known for its sophisticated ambiance and artisanal cuisine, Buca Yorkville specializes in house-made pasta, seafood, and cured meats, prepared with impeccable attention to detail. The restaurant’s chic and contemporary design, coupled with its intimate dining setting, makes it ideal for large groups seeking an upscale dining experience. With private dining options available, Buca Yorkville caters to special occasions and corporate gatherings, ensuring a personalized and exclusive dining experience. Its reputation for culinary excellence and elegant atmosphere secures its position as one of the best restaurants for large groups in Toronto, promising an unforgettable Italian feast.

Address: 53 Scollard Street front entrance located via Yorkville Avenue through the Four Seasons Courtyard, Toronto, ON M5R 0A1, Canada
Contact: +1 416-962-2822

Pizzeria Libretto

Pizzeria Libretto stands as a beacon for pizza aficionados in Toronto, renowned for its authentic Neapolitan pizzas. This restaurant prides itself on its traditional wood-fired pizzas, made with high-quality, fresh ingredients and a true passion for Italian cuisine. The vibrant and casual atmosphere of Pizzeria Libretto makes it a perfect spot for large groups looking to enjoy a laid-back dining experience. The restaurant’s capacity to accommodate groups, along with its family-friendly vibe, ensures that everyone, from pizza purists to curious foodies, can gather and enjoy a slice of Italy in Toronto. Pizzeria Libretto’s dedication to authenticity and quality, combined with its welcoming environment, solidifies its status as one of the best restaurants for large groups in Toronto, inviting guests to indulge in the art of pizza making.

Address: 155 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5H 3B7, Canada
Contact: +1 416-551-0433

Byblos Downtown

Byblos Downtown brings the rich flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean to Toronto, offering a culinary experience that blends traditional and contemporary tastes. This upscale restaurant is known for its unique dishes that draw inspiration from regions such as Morocco, Israel, and Lebanon. Byblos is renowned for its lamb shoulder, jeweled rice, and an array of mezze that encourages sharing, making it an ideal spot for large groups. The ambiance at Byblos is warm and inviting, with decor that reflects the cultural richness of the Eastern Mediterranean. With its spacious layout, Byblos can comfortably accommodate large parties, ensuring a memorable dining experience. The restaurant’s commitment to providing exceptional service and a diverse menu secures its spot as one of the best restaurants for large groups in Toronto, offering guests a taste of Middle Eastern hospitality.

Address: 11 Duncan St, Toronto, ON M5V 3M2, Canada
Contact: +1 647-660-0909


Aloette is a chic bistro that offers a modern twist on classic French and American cuisine. This restaurant has quickly become a favorite for its inventive dishes, such as the famous Aloette burger and the beautifully crafted salads and starters. The ambiance at Aloette is casual yet sophisticated, making it a great place for large groups looking for a high-quality dining experience without the formality. Its open kitchen design adds an element of entertainment to the dining experience, allowing guests to watch as their meals are artfully prepared. Despite its cozy size, Aloette efficiently accommodates larger parties with its smart layout, ensuring everyone feels part of the lively atmosphere. Aloette’s commitment to quality, both in its food and its welcoming environment, makes it one of the top restaurants for large groups in Toronto, promising a dining experience that’s both relaxed and refined.

Address: 163 Spadina Ave. 1st Floor, Toronto, ON M5V 2A5, Canada
Contact: +1 416-260-3444

group of girls having food in a restaurant

Assembly Chef’s Hall

Assembly Chef’s Hall is a revolutionary dining concept in Toronto, offering a food hall experience that showcases a diverse range of cuisines from some of the city’s top chefs and restaurateurs. This sprawling space is perfect for large groups, providing a communal dining environment where everyone can find something they love. From artisanal pizzas and gourmet tacos to Asian street food and contemporary Canadian dishes, the variety is endless. The vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of Assembly Chef’s Hall, combined with communal seating and the buzz of live cooking stations, creates an energetic and inclusive dining experience. It’s an ideal spot for group dining in Toronto, where guests can enjoy a taste of the city’s culinary diversity under one roof, making it one of the best venues for large gatherings looking to explore an array of flavors. To spice up your group dining outings in Toronto, dive into the top taco places in the city.

Address: 111 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2G4, Canada
Contact: +1 416-587-9808


R&D stands out in Toronto’s culinary landscape as a modern Asian restaurant that blends traditional flavors with contemporary techniques. Co-founded by MasterChef Canada winner Eric Chong and Michelin-starred chef Alvin Leung, R&D offers a menu that is both innovative and comforting, featuring dishes like their signature Char Siu and inventive takes on dim sum. The restaurant’s sleek and modern design, combined with its spacious dining area, makes it perfectly suited for large groups seeking an upscale dining experience. R&D’s playful approach to cuisine, combined with its commitment to quality and creativity, makes it one of the best restaurants for large groups in Toronto, offering a dining experience that is as memorable as it is delicious.

Address: 241 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON M5T 2E2, Canada
Contact: +1 416-586-1241

The Carbon Bar

The Carbon Bar is a hotspot in Toronto for those in pursuit of an exceptional American BBQ experience. This restaurant is celebrated for its high-energy atmosphere and a menu that features a wide range of smoked meats, from succulent brisket to tender ribs, all prepared with a mastery that pays homage to traditional BBQ techniques. The Carbon Bar’s modern, industrial-chic design, combined with spacious dining areas, makes it a perfect venue for large groups looking to enjoy a lively dining experience. Unique to The Carbon Bar is its approach to group dining, offering special platters that allow everyone to sample a bit of everything, making it one of the best restaurants for large groups in Toronto. The restaurant’s commitment to quality, both in its culinary offerings and its vibrant ambiance, ensures a memorable outing for any occasion.

Address: 99 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1S1, Canada
Contact: +1 416-947-7000

Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie

Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie takes French dining in Toronto to new heights with its sophisticated yet relaxed approach to classic French cuisine. Nestled in the charming Distillery District, Cluny stands out with its elegant Parisian-inspired decor and a comprehensive menu that includes everything from fresh seafood to decadent pastries. Its unique ambiance, featuring an open kitchen and beautifully detailed interiors, provides a perfect backdrop for large groups seeking a refined dining experience. Cluny’s ability to accommodate groups in its spacious dining room or in private event spaces, along with its reputation for exquisite food and exceptional service, solidifies its status as one of Toronto’s best restaurants for large groups, offering a slice of France in the heart of the city.

Address: 35 Tank House Lane, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4, Canada
Contact: +1 416-203-2632

group of people in a restaurant

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen is renowned for turning dining into an experience, especially known for its brunch offerings that draw crowds from across Toronto. Located in the trendy Liberty Village, this restaurant prides itself on serving up modern Canadian cuisine with a focus on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. The bright, airy space with its open kitchen concept invites diners into a welcoming atmosphere ideal for large groups. Mildred’s is particularly celebrated for its pancakes, which have been dubbed some of the city’s best. Toronto’s top pancake hotspots offers delicious options that are sure to please everyone in your party. The restaurant’s commitment to creating a communal and inviting environment, along with its innovative menu, makes it a top choice for group dining in Toronto, ensuring a delightful and satisfying meal for all.

Address: 85 Hanna Ave #104, Toronto, ON M6K 3S3, Canada
Contact: +1 416-588-5695

La Banane

Consider indulging in the rich flavors and romantic ambiance of Toronto’s premier French restaurants. La Banane is a vibrant jewel in Toronto’s culinary scene, offering an upscale take on French cuisine. Known for its luxurious and eclectic decor, this restaurant provides an immersive dining experience that combines the art of French cooking with a contemporary twist. La Banane is famous for its seafood, particularly the Eurobass en Croûte and the indulgent Ziggy Stardust Disco Egg, making it a must-visit for those seeking an extraordinary culinary adventure. With its ability to host large groups in a setting that sparkles with whimsy and elegance, La Banane is one of the best restaurants for large groups in Toronto, promising an evening of exquisite dining that captivates both the palate and the imagination.

Address: 227 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2Z8, Canada
Contact: +1 416-551-6263

Cactus Club Cafe

Cactus Club Cafe is a staple in Toronto’s dining scene, offering a diverse menu that caters to a wide range of tastes, making it an ideal destination for large groups. Known for its contemporary cuisine, Cactus Club Cafe seamlessly blends flavors from around the globe, offering everything from sushi rolls to steak frites. The restaurant’s modern, stylish decor creates a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for both casual gatherings and more formal occasions. With spacious seating and private dining options, it accommodates large parties with ease, ensuring a comfortable dining experience for everyone. Cactus Club Cafe’s commitment to quality, both in its food and in its service, solidifies its reputation as one of the best restaurants for large groups in Toronto, where guests can expect a memorable meal in a lively setting.

Address: 77 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5X 1C1, Canada
Contact: +1 647-748-2025

Enoteca Sociale

Enoteca Sociale is a true gem for lovers of Italian cuisine, offering an authentic dining experience inspired by the enotecas of Italy. This restaurant is celebrated for its focus on Roman-style dishes, house-made pasta, and an impressive selection of wines. The warm, intimate ambiance, combined with rustic decor, makes Enoteca Sociale a cozy spot for large groups seeking an authentic Italian meal. The restaurant boasts a dedicated private dining room that can host gatherings, providing a personalized experience complete with a curated menu. Enoteca Sociale’s passion for Italian food and wine, along with its ability to create a tailored dining experience for groups, ranks it among the top restaurants for large groups in Toronto, inviting guests to indulge in the richness of Italian culinary traditions.

Address: 1288 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1X7, Canada
Contact: +1 416-534-1200

restaurant setting

Scaramouche Restaurant

Scaramouche Restaurant has long been hailed as one of Toronto’s finest dining establishments, offering breathtaking city views alongside its exquisite cuisine. Specializing in contemporary French cooking, Scaramouche is known for its elegant dishes, meticulous presentation, and a wine list that complements its sophisticated menu. The restaurant’s upscale ambiance, combined with unparalleled service, makes it a preferred choice for large groups looking for a luxurious dining experience. With options for private dining, Scaramouche can accommodate special occasions, ensuring a memorable evening against the backdrop of Toronto’s skyline. Its reputation for culinary excellence and a serene dining atmosphere cements Scaramouche Restaurant’s place as one of the best restaurants for large groups in Toronto, promising an unforgettable dining journey.

Address: 1 Benvenuto Pl, Toronto, ON M4V 2L1, Canada
Contact: +1 416-961-8011

Kinka Izakaya

Complement your group dining plans in Toronto with a visit to one of the city’s best izakaya restaurants. Kinka Izakaya offers a vibrant slice of Japanese pub culture in the heart of Toronto, known for its lively atmosphere and authentic sharing plates. This restaurant captures the essence of Izakaya dining, with a menu that encourages communal eating, featuring dishes such as takoyaki, karaage, and a variety of skewers. The energetic environment, complete with shouts of “Irasshaimase!” upon entry, provides an authentic and engaging dining experience for large groups. Kinka Izakaya’s casual setting and communal tables make it perfect for friends and family to gather and share a meal in a spirited setting. As one of the best restaurants for large groups in Toronto, Kinka Izakaya invites guests to enjoy a taste of Japan, offering a fun and memorable dining experience for everyone involved.

Address: 398 Church St, Toronto, ON M5B 2A2, Canada
Contact: +1 416-977-0999

Specialty Dining Experiences for Large Groups

Toronto offers a plethora of unique dining experiences that cater specifically to large groups, ensuring that every gathering is not just a meal, but an unforgettable event. Many of the best restaurants for large groups in Toronto have designed specialty dining experiences that include private dining rooms, chef’s table experiences, and interactive dining options, providing an exclusive atmosphere for celebrations, corporate events, or casual get-togethers.

Private Dining Rooms: Restaurants like Scaramouche Restaurant and Buca Yorkville offer elegant private dining spaces that can be reserved for large groups. These venues often provide customized menus and dedicated service, ensuring a personalized and intimate dining experience.

Chef’s Table Experiences: For food enthusiasts looking for an immersive culinary adventure, chef’s table experiences offer a front-row seat to the magic of cooking. Places like Canoe and Aloette invite guests to dine at a special table where they can watch chefs at work and sometimges even interact with them, making for a memorable and educational experience.

Interactive Dining: Restaurants such as Kinka Izakaya and El Catrin Destileria provide interactive dining experiences where guests can engage in the cooking process, whether it’s grilling their own skewers or participating in a guacamole-making session. This interactive approach adds a fun and engaging element to group dining, making every meal a celebration.

Tips for Planning Group Dinners in Toronto

Planning a successful group dinner in Toronto requires attention to detail and a bit of foresight. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved:

Best Practices for Reservation: Always book well in advance, especially if you’re planning to dine at one of Toronto’s best restaurants for large groups. For specialty dining experiences, it’s advisable to book several weeks or even months ahead to secure your preferred date and time.

Managing Dietary Restrictions and Preferences: Be sure to inquire about dietary restrictions and preferences ahead of time and communicate these to the restaurant when making your reservation. Many group-friendly restaurants in Toronto are accommodating and can customize menus to suit various dietary needs. To make your group dining in Toronto inclusive and enjoyable for everyone, including those with gluten sensitivities, take a look at the top gluten-free restaurants in Toronto.

Ideas for Making the Evening More Enjoyable: Consider adding special touches to the evening, such as personalized menus, a welcome cocktail, or a brief speech to mark the occasion. These little details can make the evening more memorable for your guests.

Suggestions on Pre-ordering to Streamline Service: For larger groups, some restaurants offer the option to pre-order your meals. This can significantly streamline service and ensure that the dining experience runs smoothly, allowing more time for guests to interact and enjoy their evening. If you’re organizing a birthday celebration and looking through our top restaurants for group dining in Toronto, enhance your planning by exploring the best places to celebrate a birthday in the city for a memorable experience.

Recommendations on Group Dining Etiquette: Encourage your guests to be mindful of the restaurant’s dining etiquette, especially if the venue offers a fine dining experience. Remind guests about punctuality, and consider discussing payment arrangements beforehand to avoid any awkwardness at the end of the meal.

Key Takeaways

  • Toronto offers a diverse and vibrant dining scene that caters to large groups, with a multitude of restaurants providing a range of cuisines and unique dining experiences suitable for any occasion.
  • Specialty dining options such as private dining rooms, chef’s table experiences, and interactive dining are available for those seeking a more personalized and engaging group dining experience in Toronto.
  • When planning a group dinner, it’s crucial to book in advance, communicate dietary preferences and restrictions, and consider the restaurant’s capacity to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • Adding personal touches to the dining experience, such as customized menus or a welcome cocktail, can make the evening more memorable for guests.
  • Pre-ordering meals can streamline service for large groups, allowing for a smoother dining experience and more time for socializing.
  • Being mindful of group dining etiquette and discussing payment arrangements beforehand can prevent any awkwardness and ensure the evening ends on a high note.
  • Exploring Toronto’s best restaurants for large groups offers an opportunity to enjoy the city’s rich culinary diversity and warm hospitality, making every group gathering a celebration worth remembering.


  1. What are the best restaurants for large groups in downtown Toronto?
    Downtown Toronto offers several options like Canoe, Momofuku Toronto, and The Carbon Bar, known for accommodating large groups with diverse menus.
  2. Are there any Italian restaurants in Toronto suitable for large groups?
    Yes, Terroni and Buca Yorkville are excellent Italian restaurants in Toronto that cater to large groups.
  3. Can you recommend restaurants in Toronto with private dining options for large groups?
    Scaramouche Restaurant and Enoteca Sociale offer elegant private dining rooms perfect for large groups.
  4. What are some fun interactive dining experiences in Toronto for large groups?
    El Catrin Destileria and Kinka Izakaya provide interactive dining experiences that are ideal for large groups.
  5. Are there any vegan-friendly restaurants in Toronto for large groups?
    Yes, many restaurants like Mildred’s Temple Kitchen cater to dietary restrictions, including vegan options, for large groups.
  6. What are some unique culinary experiences for large groups in Toronto?
    Chef’s table experiences at Aloette or the communal dining at Assembly Chef’s Hall offer unique culinary adventures for large groups.
  7. What are some Toronto restaurants with a view that can accommodate large groups?
    Canoe offers breathtaking city views and accommodates large groups, making it a great choice for a memorable dining experience.
  8. Do Toronto restaurants for large groups require a deposit when booking?
    Some restaurants may require a deposit or minimum spend for large group bookings; it’s best to inquire directly with the restaurant.
  9. Are there kid-friendly restaurants in Toronto that can accommodate large groups?
    Yes, restaurants like Pizzeria Libretto and The Drake Hotel offer a welcoming atmosphere for families and large groups, including children.
  10. Can large groups get a discount at restaurants in Toronto?
    Discounts for large groups vary by restaurant; it’s advisable to discuss any available options when making your reservation.
  11. What is the maximum group size Toronto restaurants can typically accommodate?
    The maximum group size can vary, but many Toronto restaurants can comfortably accommodate groups of 20 or more with prior arrangements.
  12. What should I do if a member of our large group has severe food allergies?
    Notify the restaurant of any severe allergies when booking and confirm they can cater to these needs safely on the day of the event.

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