Toronto’s Farmers Markets: Your Freshness Destination

In the bustling urban landscape of Toronto, there’s a palpable, growing desire for fresh and authentic produce. The importance of fresh produce can’t be overstated; it’s not just about the tantalizing taste of a just-picked tomato or the crunchy bite of a newly-harvested cucumber. While you enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Toronto’s fresh farmer’s markets, why not take your love for fresh produce a step further? Explore our guide on Toronto’s best fruit and vegetable picking farms for a hands-on experience in local agriculture. Fresh produce plays a pivotal role in maintaining our health, offering richer flavors, and ensuring we consume maximum nutrients. Moreover, Toronto boasts an increasingly vibrant farmers’ market scene, where city residents can mingle with the growers, learn about their farming practices, and bring home a basketful of the freshest crops. It’s a symbiotic relationship where urban meets rural, and where food comes to life.

The Value of Fresh Produce

When you bite into a piece of fresh produce, you’re not just experiencing superior taste; you’re also absorbing a wealth of nutritional benefits. Fresh fruits and vegetables often retain more vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients compared to their stored or processed counterparts. Furthermore, purchasing from local farmers’ markets means you’re directly supporting local farmers and communities. This not only boosts the local economy but also strengthens community ties. From an environmental perspective, opting for local produce reduces the need for long-distance transportation, resulting in lower carbon emissions. This environmentally friendly choice ensures you’re playing a part in reducing your carbon footprint while enjoying the best nature has to offer.

What Makes a Farmers Market “Fresh”

Farmers’ markets have earned a reputation as the go-to spots for the freshest produce, but what really defines this freshness? For starters, the produce is often direct from farm to market. This ensures minimal time between harvesting and purchase, guaranteeing optimum freshness. Additionally, these markets pride themselves on offering seasonal produce. This means fruits and vegetables are sold during their peak harvesting times, ensuring they’re not only fresh but also at their most flavorful. Lastly, the low travel and storage time further amplifies the freshness quotient. With shorter distances to travel and less time spent in storage, the produce maintains its nutritional integrity and taste. In essence, when you shop at a farmers’ market, you’re embracing a world where food is fresh, seasonal, and as nature intended.

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Top 25 Freshest Farmers Markets in Toronto

Toronto is renowned for its diverse culture, iconic landmarks, and thriving food scene. An integral part of this culinary landscape is the myriad of farmers’ markets sprinkled across the city. From the historic confines of St. Lawrence Market to the green expanse of Evergreen Brick Works, these markets are treasure troves of the freshest produce. Rooted in the community’s heart, they bridge the gap between rural growers and urban consumers, ensuring that residents have access to top-quality, farm-fresh products. Here’s a curated list of the 25 freshest farmers’ markets that every Torontonian and visitor alike should explore.

St. Lawrence Market

A beacon of history and tradition, St. Lawrence Market has been a culinary focal point in Toronto since the early 1800s. The market is divided into three main areas: South Market, North Market, and St. Lawrence Hall. St. Lawrence Market hosts a multitude of events throughout the year. These include cooking classes, musical performances, and the renowned Saturday farmers’ market in the North Market, which is a tradition that has been ongoing since 1803. With over 120 vendors, there’s a rich assortment to explore. Carousel Bakery, famous for its peameal bacon sandwich, is a must-visit. Additionally, Churrasco’s offers delectable Portuguese-style chicken, while A Bisket A Basket is renowned for its artisanal bread and pastries.

Location and Hours: Nestled at 93 Front St E, Toronto, the St. Lawrence Market’s hours can vary based on the specific section and day. Generally, the South Market operates from Tuesday to Saturday, with varying hours each day, while the North Market’s farmers’ market is held on Saturdays from 5 am to 3 pm.

The Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market

Situated amidst the lush Don Valley, the Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market is more than just a market; it’s a testament to sustainability and community connection. The market is particularly known for its dedication to sustainable practices. Regular events include workshops on eco-friendly living, garden tours, and seasonal festivals that celebrate the local harvest. The market boasts a diverse range of vendors, offering everything from organic vegetables to artisanal cheeses. Vendors like ChocoSol Traders are well-loved for their ethically produced chocolates, while Ying Ying Soy Food offers a variety of tofu products made from Canadian, non-GMO, organic soybeans.

Location and Hours: Located at 550 Bayview Ave, Toronto, the Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market typically operates on Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm. However, it’s always a good idea to check the official website or contact the market directly to confirm current operational hours and any special events.

Kensington Market

Kensington Market is not just a marketplace; it’s an eclectic, vibrant neighborhood and a testament to Toronto’s multicultural spirit. With its colorful murals, quirky boutiques, and bustling atmosphere, it’s a haven for food enthusiasts and culture lovers alike. The market is known for its monthly “Pedestrian Sundays,” where the streets become car-free zones, allowing for live performances, street art, and a communal ambiance. Seasonal festivals celebrating various cultures and holidays also punctuate the market’s calendar. This area is teeming with diverse vendors. Cheese Magic is an institution for cheese aficionados, while Global Cheese offers rare finds. Seven Lives Tacos Y Mariscos is famous for its Baja-style tacos, and Moonbeam Coffee is a go-to for caffeine enthusiasts.

Location and Hours: Positioned around Augusta Avenue, Baldwin Street, and Kensington Avenue in Toronto, Kensington Market is open daily. Individual vendor hours might vary, but most businesses operate between 10 am and 6 pm.

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Leslieville Farmers’ Market

Situated in the heart of the East End, the Leslieville Farmers’ Market celebrates local produce, artisanal products, and the vibrant community spirit. Regular features include live music performances, workshops, and themed market days which spotlight seasonal produce or festive occasions. The market is home to a plethora of vendors offering a range of products from fresh vegetables, baked goods, to sustainably raised meats. Vendors like Alchemy Pickle Company offer fermented delights, while Monforte Dairy brings artisanal cheeses to the table.

Location and Hours: Located in Jonathan Ashbridge Park on Queen Street East, the Leslieville Farmers’ Market generally operates on Sundays from 9 am to 2 pm during the warmer months. Always confirm hours directly before planning a visit, as seasonal changes might affect operations.

The Stop’s Farmers’ Market at Wychwood Barns

Nestled within the historic Wychwood Barns, The Stop’s Farmers’ Market is more than a marketplace—it’s a community initiative that promotes sustainable agriculture and accessibility to nutritious food. Apart from the regular market, they host events like Food for Thought speaker series and community dinners, emphasizing the importance of community and food. The market is a hub for organic and sustainably-produced goods. Vendors such as Bees Universe bring raw honey and bee products, while ChocoSol offers ethically crafted chocolates.

Location and Hours: Positioned at 601 Christie Street, Toronto, the market usually operates on Saturdays from 8 am to 12:30 pm. However, it’s prudent to verify the timings from their official site or contact them directly to ensure you don’t miss out.

Withrow Park Farmers’ Market

Located in the scenic Withrow Park, this market has grown over the years into a Saturday staple for the community, offering a blend of fresh produce, artisan goods, and a community-friendly environment. Throughout the season, the market hosts numerous events, from culinary workshops to live music and kids’ activities, ensuring an engaging visit for everyone. Patrons can expect a diverse range of offerings. For instance, De La Terre Bakery is acclaimed for its organic sourdough bread, and Spade & Spoon jams offer a burst of flavors with their seasonal preserves.

Location and Hours: Situated at 725 Logan Ave in Toronto, Withrow Park Farmers’ Market typically operates on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm during the warmer months. Always check their official website or contact directly for any changes in schedule.

Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers’ Market

A haven for organic enthusiasts, Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers’ Market prioritizes sustainability and offers a diverse range of organic products. The market regularly features cooking demonstrations, helping patrons learn about and appreciate organic produce. Special themed days focused on seasonal products are also a regular occurrence. Special attention is given to organic and sustainable vendors. Beasley’s Farm, for instance, is well-regarded for its range of organic vegetables. Another favorite is Evelyn’s Crackers, known for their artisanal, heritage-grain baked goods.

Location and Hours: You’ll find this market at Dufferin Grove Park, 875 Dufferin Street, Toronto. The market typically runs on Thursdays from 3 pm to 7 pm. However, it’s advisable to check ahead for specific timings, especially during seasonal transitions.

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Weston Farmers’ Market

One of Toronto’s longest-running markets, the Weston Farmers’ Market has been serving the community with fresh produce and goods for over four decades. Throughout its season, the market hosts a series of events, including live music, children’s activities, and local art showcases, making it a vibrant spot for community gatherings. The market boasts a variety of vendors. Blue Sky Farm, for example, offers a rich assortment of fresh vegetables and fruits. Another standout is Thompson’s Farm, known for their juicy peaches and orchard fruits.

Location and Hours: The market is located at 1865 Weston Rd, Toronto. It typically operates on Saturdays from 7 am to 2 pm during its active months. As always, a quick check with their official communication or website is recommended before a visit.

East York Farmers’ Market

A community-centric market that’s been serving the East York area of Toronto for years, East York Farmers’ Market offers a delightful assortment of locally-sourced produce and goods. The market often hosts local musicians, providing a musical backdrop to your shopping. Special days highlighting seasonal items, cooking demonstrations, and kid-friendly activities are not uncommon, making it a family-favorite spot. Among the various vendors, Buzzing Bees Honey stands out with their selection of local honey. Another notable vendor, Backyard Urban Farm Co., provides sustainably grown veggies and herbs.

Location and Hours: Located at 850 Coxwell Avenue, Toronto, the market typically operates on Tuesdays from 8 am to 2 pm, from May to October. It’s always a good idea to check their official channels for any schedule changes.

Sorauren Farmers’ Market

An essential part of the Roncesvalles community, the Sorauren Farmers’ Market thrives on its commitment to provide fresh and organic produce to locals. Regularly, the market hosts live music sessions, DIY workshops, and even yoga classes outdoors, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Look out for Forbes Wild Foods, popular for their range of foraged delicacies. Stonegate Farm is another favorite, known for its fresh, organic veggies and fruits.

Location and Hours: Situated at 50 Wabash Avenue, Toronto, this market usually runs on Mondays from 3 pm to 7 pm. However, given Toronto’s ever-changing seasons, a quick peek at their website or social media before visiting is recommended.

Toronto Botanical Garden Organic Farmers’ Market

Nestled within the serene surroundings of the Toronto Botanical Garden, this market places emphasis on organic, sustainably-produced goods, making it a hit among the health-conscious. The market, given its unique location, often collaborates with the Botanical Garden for special workshops and botanical tours. Visitors can attend these to enhance their knowledge about flora alongside their regular shopping. One vendor that consistently draws attention is Urban Harvest, lauded for its heirloom seeds and organic plants. Fresh City Farms also has a stall, offering their range of farm-fresh vegetables and fruits.

Location and Hours: The market is situated within the Toronto Botanical Garden at 777 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto. It generally operates on Thursdays from 2 pm to 7 pm. As with all farmers’ markets, it’s best to check their official website or social channels for any changes or special events.

farmer choosing best vegetable

Bloor-Borden MyMarket

A bustling marketplace in the heart of the city, Bloor-Borden MyMarket is a vibrant hub that offers a delightful mix of fresh produce and artisanal goods. The market often conducts interactive sessions on sustainable farming, food tastings, and cooking demonstrations. Visitors can also enjoy live entertainment, particularly local musicians that light up the atmosphere. Green Gate Farms is a standout with its array of fresh vegetables and fruits. Bee’s Universe, known for its honey and bee-related products, is another must-visit.

Location and Hours: Located at 372 Bloor St W, Toronto, the market operates on Wednesdays from 3 pm to 7 pm, typically from June to October. To ensure the best experience, always verify timings on their official website before heading out.

Trinity Bellwoods Farmers’ Market

Set amidst the scenic Trinity Bellwoods Park, this farmers’ market is a favorite for locals and tourists alike, providing a blend of community spirit and fresh produce. Apart from the regular offerings, visitors can expect live musical performances, children’s activities, and thematic days celebrating seasonal produce. Monforte Dairy stands out for its artisanal cheeses, while Wild Blueberry Association of North America offers fresh and delightful blueberries.

Location and Hours: Conveniently situated within Trinity Bellwoods Park at 790 Queen St W, Toronto, the market typically runs on Tuesdays from 3 pm to 7 pm. Always check their online channels for up-to-date schedules and events.

Davisville Village Farmers’ Market

Centrally located and easily accessible, Davisville Village Farmers’ Market is a wonderful destination for those seeking farm-fresh produce in the middle of the city. The market often hosts educational talks about sustainable agriculture, interactive cooking demos, and occasional craft workshops suitable for both adults and kids. The Pie Commission is a local favorite for its savory and sweet pies. Also, don’t miss out on checking Fresh & Tasty Mushrooms for a variety of locally-grown fungi.

Location and Hours: Located at 190 Manor Rd E, Toronto, this market usually operates on Tuesdays from 3 pm to 7 pm during the warmer months. As always, a quick glance at their website or social channels is recommended to get the most recent updates.

Junction Farmers Market

A community staple, the Junction Farmers Market is an embodiment of the rich, local spirit of the West Toronto Junction area, known for its commitment to sustainable farming and high-quality produce. A characteristic of this market is its regular workshops and demonstrations ranging from organic farming practices to home canning. Seasonal festivals and live entertainment are also frequent events, adding a flair of celebration every time you visit. “From These Roots” is often lauded for its freshly squeezed juices and jams. Another noteworthy vendor is “Baked with Joy,” offering artisanal bread and pastries that cater to a range of dietary requirements.

Location and Hours: Located at 2960 Dundas St W, Toronto, the market usually operates on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm between May and November. It’s always good to check their official website for the latest updates.

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CityPlace Urban Market

A fresh oasis in the heart of downtown Toronto, CityPlace Urban Market stands out as a green retreat amidst urban high-rises, bringing farm-fresh products right to the city’s doorstep. Alongside its produce, the market often hosts yoga sessions, kids’ activities, and live music, turning every market day into a mini-festival. “City Greens” is celebrated for its assortment of fresh greens and herbs. “Downtown Dough” is another crowd-puller with its array of cookies and pastries.

Location and Hours: Situated at 115 Fort York Blvd, Toronto, this market typically functions on Wednesdays from 3 pm to 8 pm, mostly from June to September. A visit to their online platforms can provide updated information.

Humber Bay Shores Farmers’ Market

Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Lake Ontario shoreline, Humber Bay Shores Farmers’ Market is a treasure trove for those seeking fresh, local produce in a serene environment. The market occasionally organizes themed days celebrating specific produce like the “Apple Fest” or “Tomato Day.” Interactive sessions on sustainable living and eco-friendly practices are also on the calendar. “Lakeview Farms” stands out for its range of dairy products and eggs. Meanwhile, “Fresh from the Boat” offers an array of seafood that’s as fresh as it gets.

Location and Hours: Located at 2225 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, the market generally runs on Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm, predominantly between May and October. Checking their official channels before planning a visit is always a good idea.

Cabbagetown Farmers’ Market

Nestled in one of Toronto’s most historic neighborhoods, the Cabbagetown Farmers’ Market is a vibrant gathering spot for locals and tourists alike, showcasing the best of Ontario’s farm-fresh produce. This market, with its close-knit community feel, often organizes cooking demos and features live entertainment that turns regular market days into fun-filled events. “Farmhouse Artisan Cheese” is known for its curated selection of cheeses. “Green’s Veggie Farm” also draws attention with its wide range of fresh vegetables and herbs.

Location and Hours: The market is located at 191 Winchester St, Toronto. It typically operates on Tuesdays from 3 pm to 7 pm between May and October. It’s recommended to check their official website for any changes or updates.

Montgomery’s Inn Farmers’ Market

Rich in history, the Montgomery’s Inn Farmers’ Market not only offers fresh produce but also a glimpse into Toronto’s past, being situated alongside a historic inn. The market is known for its workshops on historic cooking methods and seasonal celebrations like the “Harvest Festival.” “Baker’s Bounty” is a popular vendor, offering a range of baked goods from bread to pastries. “Orchard’s Edge” is another favorite for its fresh apple cider and fruit preserves.

Location and Hours: Located at 4709 Dundas St W, Toronto, the market operates on Wednesdays from 2 pm to 6 pm, mainly between May and October. Before visiting, it’s wise to check the market’s official channels for any updates.

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Etobicoke Civic Centre Farmers’ Market

Situated in the heart of Etobicoke, the Etobicoke Civic Centre Farmers’ Market stands as a testament to the community’s commitment to supporting local farmers and providing access to fresh, locally-sourced produce. The market is known for hosting educational workshops on organic farming and sustainable living. Seasonal events, celebrating the bounty of Ontario’s farms, are also a staple. “Riverside Honey” has garnered attention for its raw honey, while “Ontario’s Finest Meats” is renowned for its selection of fresh cuts.

Location and Hours: You can find this market at 399 The West Mall, Toronto. It is generally open on Saturdays from 8 am to 2 pm between June and November. As always, checking their official site or platform before a visit is advised.

Fairmount Park Farmers’ Market

Tucked within the picturesque settings of Fairmount Park, this farmers’ market stands as a community gem, offering an abundance of fresh, locally-grown produce and artisanal goods. Fairmount Park Farmers’ Market often hosts interactive events like farm-to-table culinary demos and seasonal festivals that celebrate the local harvest. “Bountiful Fields Farm” is renowned for its organic vegetables and “Fresh Dairy Delights” is popular for its range of artisanal cheeses.

Location and Hours: Located at 1725 Gerrard St E, Toronto, the market typically runs on Wednesdays from 3 pm to 7 pm, mainly between May and October. Always consider checking their official webpage or social media platforms for any updates.

Scarborough Farmers’ Market

Representing the eastern charm of Toronto, the Scarborough Farmers’ Market brings together a vast array of vendors, providing both fresh produce and handcrafted goods. The market is known for its live entertainment slots, featuring local artists and bands. Additionally, there are hands-on workshops for children, focusing on the importance of sustainable farming. “Scarborough Greens” has earned a reputation for its leafy greens and fresh herbs, while “Eastside Bakers” delights visitors with its freshly baked bread and pastries.

Location and Hours: The market is situated at 150 Borough Dr, Toronto. It is usually open on Sundays from 8 am to 1 pm between June and October. To stay updated, one should visit their official website or social media channels.

Greenbelt Fresh Market

The Greenbelt Fresh Market champions the spirit of sustainable farming by connecting consumers directly to farmers, ensuring fresh, organic, and ethically sourced produce. The market frequently organizes eco-workshops focusing on sustainable living and organic farming. Special events, such as the “Greenbelt Harvest Festival,” are also notable attractions. “Organic Roots” is a crowd favorite for its range of organic vegetables, and “Honeycomb Haven” offers raw, unfiltered honey sourced from local beehives.

Location and Hours: You can find this market at 777 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto. It operates on Thursdays from 2 pm to 7 pm, predominantly between May and September. It’s advisable to check their official platforms before planning a visit to ensure updated timings and any special events.

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Toronto Flower Market

Established as a celebration of Ontario-grown flowers and the talented growers behind them, the Toronto Flower Market is a vibrant and fragrant oasis in the heart of the city. The market is not just a place to buy flowers. Throughout its season, it often holds floral arrangement workshops, where participants can learn the art of crafting beautiful bouquets. Special seasonal events like Spring Bloom Festivals and Autumn Harvest Showcases also draw in crowds. “Daisy’s Petals and Pots” is known for its eclectic mix of perennial and annual blooms, while “Rose & Thorn” specializes in organically grown roses with intoxicating fragrances.

Location and Hours: Located at 1001 Queen St W, Toronto, the market traditionally operates one Saturday a month from May through October, from 10 am to 3 pm. It’s always a good idea to check their website or social media profiles for exact dates and any special events.

Ryerson University Market

Ryerson University Market is a bustling hub of activity, focusing on sustainability, local produce, and community involvement. Located within the campus, it offers a refreshing mix of fresh produce, artisanal products, and opportunities for students and the community to engage in local, sustainable shopping. The market often collaborates with student organizations for themed days, promoting awareness on topics like sustainable agriculture and zero-waste lifestyles. It also provides a platform for local musicians and artists, making it a lively and entertaining spot. Vendors like “Campus Greens” offer organic vegetables grown by student communities, while “Bread & Butter Bakery” is a must-visit for its freshly baked goods.

Location and Hours: Positioned at the heart of Ryerson University on Gould Street, Toronto, the market typically operates on Wednesdays from 11 am to 3 pm during the warmer months. For any alterations in the schedule or special events, consider visiting Ryerson’s official website or the market’s dedicated page.

Immerse yourself further in the beauty of local agriculture by visiting the enchanting lavender farms around the city, as detailed in our comprehensive guide.

Seasonal Produce Guide

Navigating the bounty of fresh, local produce can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. Familiarizing yourself with what’s in season can transform your culinary experience while supporting local farmers.

Spring: As the land awakens from winter, look for fresh greens like spinach, arugula, and kale. Root vegetables such as radishes and early carrots also make their appearance. This is also the time for fresh herbs like chives, mint, and parsley.

Summer: The warm months bring a colorful palette of tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, cherries, peaches, and strawberries. Leafy greens continue to flourish.

Autumn: A season of abundance. Root veggies like potatoes, turnips, and beets are aplenty. Apples, pears, and plums dominate the fruit stands. You can also find pumpkins and various squashes.

Winter: While the selections are more limited, you can still find stored apples, winter squashes, and cold-resistant greens like kale and Brussels sprouts. Don’t forget to get into the festive spirit with our guide to the best Christmas events and holiday activities in Toronto to celebrate the season in Toronto.

Highlighting rare finds and their peak seasons:

  • Fiddleheads: These unique looking ferns are available briefly in the spring.
  • Ground Cherries: Available in late summer, these small, yellow fruits come with a natural paper wrapper.
  • Ramps (Wild Leeks): Found in early spring, they’re a fragrant and flavorful treat.

Tips for Shopping at a Farmers Market

Navigating a farmers’ market is a delightful sensory experience. Here’s how to make the most of your visit:

  • Early morning ensures the best selection, while late attendees might snag deals as vendors clear out inventory.
  • Look for vibrant colors and firm textures. Avoid produce with blemishes or soft spots. For leafy greens, seek out crisp leaves without wilting.

Questions to ask farmers:

  • “How do you grow your produce?”
  • “What’s particularly good today?”
  • “Do you use any pesticides or herbicides?”
  • “What are your recommendations for storing and cooking this?”
lady selling vegetables in a farmers market

Key Takeaways

  • Toronto’s farmers’ markets offer a rich array of seasonal produce, from spring greens to winter squashes, with some rare finds like fiddleheads and ground cherries making special appearances.
  • To make the most of a market visit, it’s recommended to go early for the best selection, examine produce for freshness, and engage farmers with questions about their cultivation practices.
  • Toronto’s farmers’ markets are witnessing a rising demand, with locals showing a strong preference for fresh, locally-sourced, and organic produce.
  • Adapting to modern needs, some markets are now offering online ordering and delivery options to enhance accessibility.
  • Beyond being mere shopping destinations, markets are evolving into community hubs, hosting educational events on sustainability, composting, and cooking.
  • The article highlighted various renowned farmers’ markets in Toronto, each with its specialties, vendors, and unique events.
  • The landscape of farmers’ markets in Toronto is promising, with increasing community involvement, educational initiatives, and innovative approaches to cater to urban requirements.


  1. What can I expect to find at Toronto’s farmers’ markets in the spring?
    In spring, expect fresh greens, asparagus, radishes, and early strawberries.
  1. Are there any rare produce items to look out for? 
    Yes, look for items like fiddleheads in spring and ground cherries in late summer.
  1. How do I ensure I’m picking the freshest produce? 
    Examine for vibrant colors, firmness, and avoid any with blemishes or soft spots.
  1. Can I order from farmers’ markets online? 
    Some Toronto markets are now offering online ordering and delivery options.
  1. How are markets adapting to the urban setting of Toronto? 
    They’re introducing innovations like online markets, delivery services, and urban farming demos.
  1. Do the markets operate year-round?
    Some do, but many are seasonal. Check specific market details for their operating months.
  1. Can I find organic produce at these markets? 
    Yes, many vendors at Toronto’s farmers’ markets offer certified organic produce. Just as you enjoy the sustainable and organic offerings of Toronto’s farmer’s markets, you might also appreciate ethical fashion choices with our curated list of top sustainable fashion brands in Canada for eco-friendly style options.
  1. What’s the future trend for farmers’ markets in Toronto? 
    Expect more community involvement, educational initiatives, and innovative urban approaches.

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