Discover the Best Furniture Consignment Stores in Toronto

Discover the charm and savings of shopping at furniture consignment stores in Toronto, where treasures from a bygone era blend seamlessly with modern-day budgets. Whether you’re furnishing a cozy downtown loft or dressing a sprawling suburban home, the best furniture consignment stores in Toronto offer an eco-friendly, wallet-friendly solution. Navigate through city’s top furniture stores, showcasing diverse styles and offerings to suit every taste. These havens of pre-loved furnishings are not just stores; they’re galleries of history and style waiting to be explored. From sleek mid-century modern pieces to ornate Victorian relics, each item has a story, and perhaps the next chapter belongs in your living room. Join us as we unveil the top furniture consignment stores in Toronto, where quality meets affordability, and every purchase carries a legacy. Dive into a world where vintage charm and contemporary needs meet, ensuring you don’t just decorate your space—you enrich it.

Top 12 Furniture Consignment Stores in Toronto

  1. Around the Block
  2. Of Things Past
  3. Consign Toronto
  4. Gadabout Vintage
  5. GUFF – Good Used Furniture Finds
  6. Public Butter Vintage
  7. Logan & Finley
  8. What The Vintage
  9. Forever Interiors
  10. Vintage Home Boutique
  11. Green’s Antiques
  12. Zonetail Home
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Around the Block

Around the Block stands out as one of the best furniture consignment stores in Toronto, offering a wide array of quality furniture pieces that cater to varied tastes and budgets. Known for its ever-changing inventory, this store specializes in gently used furnishings that range from modern contemporary to classic antiques, making it a prime destination for both bargain hunters and vintage enthusiasts. Customers rave about the store’s organized layout, which makes it easy to browse and envision how pieces might look in their own homes. Unique to Around the Block is their commitment to sustainability, providing a green solution by repurposing furniture. Their friendly staff are also noted for their knowledge and readiness to help you find the perfect piece for your space, ensuring a satisfying shopping experience.

Address: 150 Lesmill Rd, North York, ON M3B 2T5, Canada
Contact: +1 416-546-1760

Of Things Past

Of Things Past is an institution in Toronto’s furniture consignment scene, sprawling over a vast space designed to showcase an extensive range of furniture and home accessories. This store is particularly noted for its extensive collection of vintage furniture stores in Toronto, attracting both collectors and interior designers who seek out rare and exquisite pieces that add a touch of elegance to any room. The variety available at Of Things Past is unmatched, featuring items from numerous eras and styles, from rustic farmhouse to sleek mid-century modern. Additionally, the store offers a consignment service that is both efficient and transparent, making it easy for individuals to sell their high-quality furniture. Shoppers at Of Things Past can expect a friendly atmosphere and a treasure trove of options, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to enhance their home with unique and beautiful items.

Address: 185 Bridgeland Ave, North York, ON M6A 1Y7, Canada
Contact: +1 416-256-9256

Consign Toronto

Dive into Toronto’s realm of luxury design and upscale décor by perusing top high-end furniture stores. Consign Toronto is renowned for being one of the top furniture consignment stores in Toronto, particularly celebrated for its modern and high-end furniture pieces. This store distinguishes itself by offering a sleek selection of designer furniture that caters to a contemporary aesthetic, making it a favorite among urban dwellers looking to furnish their homes with stylish yet affordable pieces. What sets Consign Toronto apart is its selective consignment process, ensuring that only items in pristine condition make it to the showroom floor. Customers appreciate the variety of furniture available, from luxurious sofas and chairs to functional, chic dining sets. The store’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes it a trusted destination and the best furniture consignment store in Toronto for both buying and selling top-tier furniture.

Address: 458 Oakwood Ave #201, Toronto, ON M6W 2E5, Canada

Gadabout Vintage

Gadabout Vintage is one of the most unique vintage furniture stores in Toronto, celebrated for its eclectic and extensive collection of vintage and antique items. This store goes beyond furniture to offer a treasure trove of vintage clothing, accessories, textiles, and ephemera, making it a paradise for collectors and vintage enthusiasts alike. Gadabout is renowned for its meticulously organized displays, which make browsing an enjoyable and easy experience. The store’s offerings include pieces from various decades, providing a fascinating glimpse into the past and a rare opportunity to own a piece of history. Customers commend Gadabout Vintage for its vibrant atmosphere and the knowledgeable staff who are passionate about vintage and antiques, making it not just a shopping destination but an educational experience as well.

Address: 1300 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1C4, Canada
Contact: +1 416-463-1254

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GUFF – Good Used Furniture Finds

GUFF – Good Used Furniture Finds is a standout among the furniture consignment stores in Toronto, especially renowned for its eclectic and affordable selection of vintage and modern furniture. GUFF is the go-to spot for those looking to decorate their spaces without breaking the bank, offering everything from mid-century modern pieces to more contemporary styles. What sets GUFF apart is its commitment to sustainability, giving new life to pre-loved furniture while offering fantastic deals. The store’s atmosphere is casual and welcoming, with a constantly rotating inventory that encourages regular visits. Customers appreciate GUFF for its straightforward pricing and the treasure hunt-like experience, often walking away with unique finds that are both stylish and functional.

Address: 1 Davies Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 2A6, Canada
Contact: +1 416-913-8025

Public Butter Vintage

Public Butter Vintage ranks as one of the best vintage furniture stores in Toronto, offering a curated collection of vintage clothing and furniture that captures the essence of various eras. This store is a haven for vintage enthusiasts looking to add a touch of nostalgia to their homes or wardrobes. Public Butter Vintage is known for its expansive warehouse space, filled with an impressive assortment of items from different decades. The store specializes in not just furniture but also vintage accessories and decor, making it a comprehensive shop for those looking to create a retro aesthetic. Unique to Public Butter Vintage is its vibrant, eclectic vibe and the cultural experience it offers, making every visit memorable and rewarding for those who treasure the vintage lifestyle.

Address: 1290 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6K 1L4, Canada
Contact: +1 416-535-4343

Logan & Finley

Logan & Finley is an urban general store that has carved a niche among Toronto’s best furniture consignment stores by focusing on eco-conscious living. This store is particularly celebrated for offering a variety of sustainable and locally sourced products, ranging from home decor to personal care items. While not a traditional furniture store, Logan & Finley includes a selection of eco-friendly home furnishings that are both functional and stylish. The store is dedicated to supporting local artisans and businesses, making it a community hub for those interested in sustainable shopping practices. Customers love Logan & Finley for its commitment to quality and the environment, making it a prime destination among the used furniture shops in Toronto for those looking to make responsible choices in their home furnishings and lifestyle products.

Address: 77 Florence St Studio 105, Toronto, ON M6K 1P4, Canada
Contact: +1 416-769-9732

What The Vintage

What The Vintage is among the best vintage furniture stores in Toronto, known for its meticulously curated selection of vintage and retro furniture that appeals to discerning decorators and homeowners. This store specializes in offering unique pieces that can’t be found in typical retail outlets, ranging from mid-century modern to rustic farmhouse styles. Each item is chosen for its character and quality, ensuring that customers have access to distinctive pieces that add personality and charm to any space. What The Vintage is celebrated for its intimate store environment and knowledgeable staff, who are passionate about vintage aesthetics and eager to help customers select the perfect items for their homes. The store also offers a personalized shopping experience, making it a favorite for those seeking furniture with a story and a touch of nostalgia.

Address: 2468 Kingston Rd, Scarborough, ON M1N 1V3, Canada
Contact: +1 647-983-6059

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Forever Interiors

Forever Interiors is a renowned name among furniture consignment stores in Toronto, especially noted for its focus on creating custom pieces from reclaimed and recycled materials. This store stands out for its commitment to sustainability, crafting furniture that is not only beautiful and functional but also environmentally friendly. Forever Interiors offers a range of products from dining tables to shelving units, all made with a high degree of craftsmanship and attention to detail. The store is particularly famous for its custom work, where customers can have input into the design and finish of their furniture, ensuring each piece is perfectly suited to their space and style. With its friendly atmosphere and innovative approach to furniture making, Forever Interiors provides a unique shopping experience for those looking to invest in lasting, sustainable pieces.

Address: Back, 175 Eileen Ave building no#1, Toronto, ON M6N 1W3, Canada

Vintage Home Boutique

Vintage Home Boutique is known as one of the top furniture consignment stores in Toronto, specializing in high-quality vintage and mid-century modern furniture. This store prides itself on its excellent selection of restored and refinished pieces, which are brought back to life with expert care and attention to detail. Vintage Home Boutique is particularly appealing to those who appreciate the craftsmanship and design of past eras but seek the convenience and reliability of modern restoration techniques. The store’s offerings include everything from classic teak credenzas to vintage chairs and tables, each restored to maintain its historical integrity while ensuring it fits seamlessly into contemporary living spaces. With a reputation for quality and a keen eye for design, Vintage Home Boutique is a must-visit for enthusiasts of vintage furniture in Toronto.

Address: 1639 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6N 1H7, Canada
Contact: +1 647-349-8430

Green’s Antiques

Green’s Antiques is a unique fixture among the furniture consignment stores in Toronto, notable not only for its selection of antique furniture but also for its extensive array of other antique items, including jewelry, art, and decorative pieces. This store is a treasure trove for collectors and antique lovers, offering rare finds and classic pieces that can add a touch of elegance and history to any home. Green’s Antiques specializes in pieces from various historical periods, providing an educational shopping experience accompanied by the expertise of knowledgeable staff. The store’s ambiance is reminiscent of a bygone era, making every visit a nostalgic journey. Customers appreciate the quality and authenticity of the items, making Green’s Antiques a preferred destination for those seeking genuine antique furnishings and collectibles.

Address: 529 Parliament St, Toronto, ON M4X 1P3, Canada
Contact: +1 416-925-1556

Zonetail Home

Zonetail Home stands out in the Toronto furniture market by blending modern technology with traditional shopping for home furnishings and essentials. This innovative store offers a unique approach by integrating a mobile platform that connects condo residents with local services, including furniture shopping. Zonetail Home is known for catering to the needs of urban dwellers, offering stylish, functional, and space-efficient furniture solutions ideal for condo living. The store’s specialty lies in its ability to provide a seamless shopping experience that integrates digital convenience with physical product interaction. Customers can browse selections online and view them in-store or arrange for direct delivery, making it a top choice for tech-savvy consumers looking for convenience and quality in their furniture shopping. Discover the safest and most reliable cargo van rental options in the city.

Address: 20 Dalhousie St, Toronto, ON M5B 2A5, Canada
Contact: +1 416-583-3773

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Benefits of Buying from Furniture Consignment Stores

Purchasing from furniture consignment stores in Toronto offers several advantages that appeal to both budget-conscious and environmentally aware shoppers. Firstly, cost savings are a significant benefit. Furniture consignment stores provide high-quality pieces at a fraction of the cost of buying new, making them ideal for those on a budget or simply looking for a great deal. This is especially true for those seeking unique, high-end items as these can often be found at a much lower price than their original retail cost.

Secondly, these stores are treasure troves of unique and vintage furniture finds. Unlike standard retail outlets, furniture consignment stores in Toronto often feature a rotating stock of eclectic and one-of-a-kind pieces, ranging from mid-century modern to antique. This variety allows shoppers to personalize their homes with distinctive styles not typically available in conventional furniture stores.

Moreover, shopping at furniture consignment stores supports environmental sustainability. By purchasing used furniture, consumers help reduce waste and the demand for new resources, contributing to a decrease in environmental impact. Reusing furniture extends the life of these items and keeps them out of landfills, making it an eco-friendly choice for furnishing one’s home. Explore Castlefield’s best furniture stores and design spaces for eclectic finds that elevate your home decor.

Best Vintage Furniture Stores in Toronto

When it comes to finding the best vintage furniture stores in Toronto, there are several notable establishments known for their extensive collections of antique and vintage pieces. These stores specialize in offering a range of items that not only include furniture but also encompass decorative arts and collectibles from various periods. Shoppers can discover everything from Victorian sofas and Art Deco cabinets to retro 1960s mod chairs and rustic farmhouse tables. Explore the best sofa stores in Toronto, where you can discover a wide range of stylish and budget-friendly options to suit your space.

One of the unique features of the best vintage furniture stores in Toronto is their specialty services, such as furniture restoration and upholstery. These services allow customers to not only purchase vintage pieces but also have them restored to their original glory or customized to fit their personal taste and decor. This aspect of vintage shopping adds a layer of value, as it provides an opportunity to preserve a piece of history while tailoring it to contemporary needs.

Stores like Gadabout Vintage, Public Butter Vintage, and Vintage Home Boutique stand out for their commitment to quality and their ability to offer shoppers a diverse array of vintage items. Each store creates a unique shopping experience by curating their collections and providing knowledgeable staff to help navigate the nuances of vintage and antique furniture shopping. These stores are ideal destinations for anyone looking to infuse their homes with character and history, offering endless possibilities for those eager to explore Toronto’s vibrant vintage scene.

Key Takeaways

  • Furniture consignment stores offer significant savings compared to buying new, making high-quality furniture accessible at a fraction of the original price.
  • These stores are a haven for unique, often one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, ranging from modern designs to vintage and antique items, each with its own character and history.
  • Purchasing from furniture consignment stores supports sustainability by reusing furniture, reducing waste, and lessening the demand for new manufacturing resources.
  • Many of the best vintage furniture stores in Toronto also provide specialty services like restoration and customization, allowing buyers to personalize their finds or restore vintage items to their original condition.
  • The article highlights a variety of stores, each with its unique offerings and specialties, from high-end, designer pieces at Consign Toronto to eclectic vintage collections at Gadabout Vintage.
  • Shopping at these stores supports local businesses and contributes to the local economy, emphasizing community engagement and sustainable business practices.
  • Staff at these stores often possess deep knowledge about furniture styles and histories, providing an educational component to the shopping experience.


  1. Can I find designer furniture at furniture consignment stores in Toronto?
    Yes, many consignment stores in Toronto carry designer pieces at a fraction of the original retail price.
  2. Are there options for vintage furniture in Toronto?
    Absolutely, stores like Gadabout Vintage and Vintage Home Boutique specialize in a wide range of vintage furniture.
  3. Do furniture consignment stores in Toronto offer delivery services?
    Many stores do offer delivery services; check with individual stores for their specific policies.
  4. Can I consign my furniture in Toronto? How does the process work?
    Yes, you can consign your furniture. The process typically involves an appraisal, agreement on the sale terms, and a consignment period during which your item is sold. Explore Toronto’s top places to donate furniture, where your pre-loved pieces can find new homes and make a difference.
  5. Are there any furniture consignment stores in Toronto that specialize in mid-century modern furniture?
    Yes, stores like GUFF and Public Butter Vintage have a good selection of mid-century modern pieces.
  6. Is it possible to negotiate prices at furniture consignment stores in Toronto?
    Negotiation policies vary by store, but some may allow price negotiations, especially for larger or higher-priced items.
  7. Do consignment stores in Toronto sell only furniture?
    While primarily focused on furniture, many consignment stores also sell home decor items, art, and sometimes jewelry.
  8. Can I find children’s furniture at consignment stores in Toronto?
    Yes, some consignment stores carry a range of children’s furniture, though the selection might be more limited compared to adult furniture.

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