Revealed: Top Recording Studios in Toronto

Toronto, a vibrant hub of culture and creativity, has firmly etched its mark on the global music canvas. From the pulsating beats of hip-hop to the soulful tunes of indie rock, the city’s rich tapestry of sounds emanates from its state-of-the-art recording studios. Whether you’re an emerging artist dreaming of your breakout single or a seasoned professional seeking perfection, Toronto’s recording studios offer more than just equipment – they’re sanctuaries where musical visions come to life. Dive into this guide as we unveil the city’s crème de la crème of studios, each with its unique ambiance, advanced tech, and storied history. Ready to discover where Toronto’s music magic happens? Let’s hit the right note together!

Here are the 15 best recording studios in Toronto:

  1. Revolution Recording
  2. Metalworks Studios
  3. Dream House Studios
  4. Noble Street Studios
  5. Orange Lounge Recording Studio
  6. Rattlebox North Studio
  7. João Carvalho Mastering
  8. The Pocket Studios
  9. Union Sound Company
  10. Cherry Beach Sound
  11. Desert Fish Studios
  12. Lincoln County Social Club
  13. Candle Recording
  14. Vespa Music Group
  15. Number 9 Audio Group

Revolution Recording

Located in the heart of Toronto, Revolution Recording stands as a paragon of modern sound engineering combined with a welcoming environment. Renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities, it boasts cutting-edge equipment that caters to both the contemporary artist and classic analog aficionados. One of its hallmarks is the expansive live room, often hailed for its impeccable acoustics. Artists like Feist, Barenaked Ladies, and City and Colour have graced its booths. Beyond its technological prowess, what truly sets Revolution apart is its commitment to nurturing a creative vibe, making it a sought-after choice for both emerging and established musicians.

Address: 36 Laing St, Toronto, ON M4L 2N2, Canada

Metalworks Studios

Nestled in Mississauga, a short distance from downtown Toronto, Metalworks Studios has a rich legacy dating back to the 1970s. Founded by Gil Moore of the iconic band Triumph, it’s not just a studio but a part of Canada’s musical heritage. Over the decades, the studio has expanded its offerings and now stands as one of North America’s premier recording, mixing, and mastering facilities. Diverse artists, from Drake to Prince, have recorded here, capturing a piece of its storied ambiance. With six studios equipped with a mix of vintage and contemporary gear, Metalworks is known for delivering world-class sound quality across genres.

Address: 3611 Mavis Rd, Mississauga, ON L5C 1T7, Canada

equipment in recording studio

Dream House Studios

A name synonymous with innovation and quality, Dream House Studios is a haven for artists looking for a blend of vintage warmth and modern precision. Situated in Toronto’s bustling downtown, the studio has been designed keeping the artist’s comfort in mind, with cozy spaces that inspire creativity. Its facilities showcase a meticulous selection of equipment, marrying the best of analog and digital soundscapes. Dream House Studios has seen a variety of projects, from indie bands to chart-topping pop artists, all leaving with a signature sound. Their reputation is not just built on gear but also on their team of seasoned professionals who guide artists in realizing their sonic dreams.

Location: in the heart of downtown Toronto at the south end of the historic Chinatown at Queen & Spadina

Noble Street Studios

Nestled in Toronto’s West End, Noble Street Studios is a name that reverberates with excellence and craftsmanship. This studio is particularly recognized for its ultra-modern design coupled with a warm, artistic ambiance, making it a creative oasis for artists. Their state-of-the-art facilities encompass a vast range of top-tier equipment that caters to various musical genres. Beyond its technical credentials, Noble Street is renowned for its spacious live rooms and meticulous sound booths. Over the years, it has played host to eminent artists like Shawn Mendes, The Weeknd, and Rush, solidifying its standing in the music industry. For artists seeking a fusion of innovation and intimacy, Noble Street Studios remains an ideal choice.

Address: 17 Noble St, Toronto, ON M6K 2C7, Canada

Orange Lounge Recording Studio

Strategically located in the heart of Toronto, Orange Lounge Recording Studio exudes a rich blend of history and modernity. This studio is distinctively known for its inviting atmosphere, infused with a touch of urban flair. Its facilities showcase an impeccable selection of both vintage and contemporary recording equipment, ensuring versatility for diverse musical requirements. Orange Lounge has been the backdrop for numerous iconic tracks, with stars like Justin Bieber, Lorde, and Amy Winehouse having recorded within its walls. One of its standout features is the live-to-vinyl recording capability, a rare treat for vinyl aficionados. Artists flock to Orange Lounge not just for its sound excellence but also for its rich heritage and character.

Address: 567 Queen Street West #300, 3rd Floor, Toronto, ON M5V 2B6, Canada

girl singing in studio

Rattlebox North Studio

Located slightly away from the bustling city core, Rattlebox North Studio offers artists a serene environment that nurtures creativity. Known for its intimate setting, Rattlebox North places a significant emphasis on creating a personalized experience for every artist. Its facilities are equipped with a thoughtful selection of gear, balancing the charm of analog with the precision of digital. While the studio might seem compact compared to some of its contemporaries, its reputation is vast, having hosted a variety of projects ranging from indie acts to established musicians. The studio’s essence lies in its dedication to honing an artist’s vision and translating it into a sonic masterpiece.

João Carvalho Mastering

Positioned at the pinnacle of mastering expertise, João Carvalho Mastering isn’t just another studio in Toronto – it’s an institution. Headed by the revered João Carvalho himself, this studio is synonymous with sonic excellence. While the heart of its offering is mastering, the skill and precision brought to every track make it unparalleled. The facility boasts cutting-edge mastering equipment, ensuring that every project, whether analog or digital, reaches its fullest potential. Notable names like The Tragically Hip, Arkells, and Tokyo Police Club have trusted João Carvalho with their final sound touches. The studio stands apart not just for its technical prowess but also for the personal touch João brings, making each artist’s work truly shine.

Address: 43 Laing St, Toronto, ON M4L 2N3, Canada

The Pocket Studios

Tucked away in Toronto’s East End, The Pocket Studios promises artists a cozy, intimate environment fused with top-notch recording technology. Known for its warm, inviting ambiance, The Pocket prides itself on making artists feel at home while delivering professional-grade recordings. Their facilities encapsulate a balanced blend of vintage gear and modern machinery, catering to a broad spectrum of musical genres. The studio’s roster boasts an array of indie bands and emerging artists, echoing its commitment to fostering new talent. Unique to The Pocket is its dedication to cultivating relationships, ensuring every artist doesn’t just record here but builds lasting musical memories.

Address: 920 Eastern Ave, Toronto, ON M4L 1A4, Canada

man recording his song in studio

Union Sound Company

Heralding from Toronto’s vibrant Leslieville, Union Sound Company is more than just a recording facility – it’s a community. With an ethos rooted in collaboration, Union Sound is revered for its spacious live rooms and a range of versatile recording spaces. The studio is outfitted with an eclectic mix of vintage analog gear and state-of-the-art digital equipment. It has seen a diverse array of projects, from indie artists to renowned bands, all seeking the signature Union Sound touch. Not just restricted to recording, the studio also offers workshops and community events, underscoring its mission to be a beacon of learning and creativity in the Toronto music scene.

Address: 89 Sackville St, Toronto, ON M5A 3E4, Canada

Cherry Beach Sound

Located steps away from Toronto’s scenic waterfront, Cherry Beach Sound is not just a studio, but a testament to the city’s rich musical legacy. Established in the 1980s, this facility is renowned for its state-of-the-art digital and analog equipment, seamlessly blending the classic with the contemporary. Its spacious rooms, designed for optimal acoustics, have witnessed the making of numerous hit records. Over the years, notable names like Usher, Rush, and The Jonas Brothers have entrusted their sound to Cherry Beach. While it’s celebrated for music recording, it’s also a hub for post-production and voiceover projects, truly showcasing its multifaceted expertise in the audio realm.

Address: 33 Villiers St, Toronto, ON M5A 1A9, Canada

Desert Fish Studios

Perched in the heart of Toronto’s artistic neighborhood, Desert Fish Studios is a fusion of creativity and cutting-edge technology. Distinguished for its adaptive spaces, the studio offers both recording and post-production facilities. An impressive arsenal of vintage and modern equipment ensures artists get the best of both worlds. But what truly sets Desert Fish apart is its commitment to sustainability, with an eco-friendly infrastructure that’s a rarity in the studio world. The studio has been a favorite for a myriad of artists, ranging from indie talents to global superstars, all drawn to its unique atmosphere and unparalleled sound quality.

Address: 401 Richmond St W Suite B102, Toronto, ON M5V 1X3, Canada

mic in a recording studio

Lincoln County Social Club

Steeped in vintage charm, Lincoln County Social Club stands as a beacon for artists seeking a warm, analog sound. Located in the city’s west end, this studio exudes a rustic allure, complete with wooden beams and ambient lighting. Beyond its aesthetics, its equipment roster boasts a plethora of vintage gear, from classic tape machines to old-school mics. This commitment to the classic sound has attracted a range of artists, especially those in the realms of rock, folk, and soul. Moreover, its laid-back, homely vibe ensures that artists aren’t just recording here – they’re experiencing the very essence of music-making.

Address: 1167 Davenport Rd, Toronto, ON M6H 2G6, Canada

Candle Recording

Tucked in the vibrant neighborhoods of Toronto, Candle Recording is an embodiment of artistic intimacy. Known for its bespoke approach to sound, this studio provides a cozy environment infused with state-of-the-art technology. Beyond its recording capabilities, Candle boasts an impressive selection of vintage synthesizers, appealing to artists keen on experimenting. Its clientele ranges from indie gems to more mainstream acts, all captivated by the studio’s unique aura. One standout feature is its tailored approach to every artist, ensuring that each track encapsulates its authentic essence. At Candle, it’s not just about recording; it’s about crafting auditory masterpieces.

Vespa Music Group

Situated in Toronto’s bustling core, Vespa Music Group stands tall as a comprehensive hub for all things music. From recording and mixing to mastering, Vespa offers a holistic musical journey. The facility is decked with an impressive array of both vintage gear and modern machinery, ensuring versatility for every artist’s vision. Over the years, it has seen a diverse range of projects, testament to its adaptability and commitment to sound excellence. What truly sets Vespa apart, however, is its dedication to artist development, providing a platform for emerging talents to hone their craft and navigate the music industry.

Address: 155 Toryork Dr #15, North York, ON M9L 1X9, Canada

woman recording her song in toronto studio

Number 9 Audio Group

With a legacy stretching back to 1981, Number 9 Audio Group is a true stalwart in Toronto’s recording scene. This studio is celebrated for its rich history, having played host to iconic names like The Rolling Stones and The Police. Equipped with top-tier facilities, it offers everything from recording and mixing to CD duplication and cassette manufacturing – a nod to its storied past. Beyond its services, Number 9 is also known for its audio production courses, fostering the next generation of sound engineers and artists. With its blend of vintage charm and modern expertise, Number 9 remains a go-to for artists seeking both nostalgia and innovation.

Address: 222 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M5A 2E8, Canada

Tips for a Successful Recording Session in Toronto

Venturing into one of Toronto’s elite recording studios? It’s an exhilarating journey that requires careful planning to ensure every minute counts and every note resonates. Here’s your guide to making the most of your session in this music-rich city:

Preparation is Paramount

  • Before setting foot in the studio, ensure your material is well-rehearsed. The studio is where you finalize your sound, not figure it out. By arriving prepared, you optimize your time and finances.
  • Whether you’re bringing your instruments or using the studio’s, a thorough equipment check is crucial. Familiarize yourself with the gear, ensure it’s tuned, and address any malfunctions before the recording day.

Building Rapport with the Team

  • Your sound engineer and producer are your allies. Discuss your vision with them in depth, understand their approach, and ensure you’re on the same wavelength. A harmonious relationship translates to a smoother recording process.
  • These professionals have invaluable experience. While your artistic vision is primary, being open to their insights can elevate your track.

Book in Bulk, But Wisely

  • Booking multiple sessions in advance can be economical and ensures you have dedicated studio time. It also allows for a cohesive sound across tracks, especially if you’re recording an album.
  • While booking in bulk is advantageous, avoid cramming sessions. Giving yourself time between recordings allows for reflection and any potential tweaks.

Time Management and Breaks

  • While creativity shouldn’t be rushed, being mindful of the clock ensures you maximize your studio rental. Plot out a rough schedule for the day. 
  • Long sessions can be draining. Schedule short, regular breaks to rest your ears and rejuvenate your mind. It can be the difference between a good take and a great one.
equipment in recording studio in toronto

Key Takeaways

  • The city boasts a range of top-tier recording studios, each with unique offerings, from vintage gear to state-of-the-art equipment. Studios like Revolution Recording, Metalworks, and Noble Street Studios are among the renowned names.
  • Before stepping into the studio, thorough rehearsals and equipment checks are essential to ensure a smooth recording process.
  • Establishing a good rapport with the studio’s engineer and producer can significantly enhance the recording experience, with open communication being a pivotal aspect.
  • Booking multiple sessions in advance can be economical and provides a cohesive recording experience. However, it’s vital to space out sessions for reflection and potential modifications.
  • While the creative process is paramount, being mindful of time and scheduling regular breaks can enhance the recording quality and overall studio experience.
  • The city’s recording studios have a storied history and have been pivotal in the journeys of numerous iconic artists.
  • The article serves as an all-inclusive guide for artists, providing insights into selecting the right studio and ensuring a successful recording session in Toronto.


  1. Why is pre-rehearsal important before a studio session?
    Pre-rehearsal ensures you optimize your studio time and costs by arriving prepared.
  1. Are there any studios in Toronto with vintage equipment?
    Yes, studios like Lincoln County Social Club and Desert Fish Studios offer vintage gear.
  1. Is booking multiple sessions in advance beneficial?
    Yes, it can be economical and ensures dedicated studio time and cohesive sound across tracks.
  1. Which Toronto studio has a legacy dating back to the 1980s?
    Number 9 Audio Group has a rich history since 1981.
  1. Can I get post-production services at Cherry Beach Sound?
    Yes, Cherry Beach Sound offers both recording and post-production services.
  1. Which studio is known for its eco-friendly infrastructure?
    Desert Fish Studios is recognized for its commitment to sustainability.
  1. I’m looking for a studio with a mix of modern and vintage gear. Any recommendations?
    Vespa Music Group and Candle Recording both offer a blend of contemporary technology and vintage equipment.
  1. Is there any Toronto studio that offers audio production courses?
    Yes, Number 9 Audio Group provides courses in audio production.
  1. Which studio is known for its bespoke approach to sound?
    Candle Recording is celebrated for its tailored approach to each artist.
  1. Are there studios in Toronto that have hosted iconic artists?
    Yes, studios like Cherry Beach Sound and Number 9 Audio Group have seen renowned artists record in their facilities.

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