Toronto’s Most Popular Pickleball Courts

Pickleball, a delightful hybrid of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, has swept across the streets and parks of Toronto, rapidly becoming the city’s beloved pastime. As enthusiasts and beginners alike grip their paddles, the search for the perfect court has never been more intense. But with a city as sprawling and diverse as Toronto, where does one start? Discover the thrill of Toronto’s top pickleball courts, and then stimulate your mind by exploring the diverse selection at the city’s leading board game stores. Whether you’re a seasoned player aiming for competitive rallies or a newbie eager to serve your first “kitchen” fault, this guide is your definitive passport to the best pickleball courts Toronto has to offer. Dive in, and discover not just where to play, but also where you’ll feel the city’s heartbeat in every game!

Here are the 15 best pickleball courts in Toronto to play at: 

  1. Toronto Pickleball Club 
  2. L’Amoreaux Tennis Centre 
  3. Sir Winston Churchill Park Tennis Club 
  4. Kew Gardens Tennis Club 
  5. North Toronto Memorial Community Centre 
  6. Dunlace Tennis Club 
  7. Wanless Park Tennis Club 
  8. Howard Park Tennis Club 
  9. Davisville Tennis Club
  10. Mimico Tennis Club 
  11. Mooredale Sports Club 
  12. Eglinton Flats Tennis Club 
  13. High Park Club 
  14. Rosedale Tennis Club 
  15. Central Tennis Club 

Toronto Pickleball Club

Nestled in the heart of the city, the Toronto Pickleball Club has been a focal point for pickleball enthusiasts. Known for its vibrant community and a plethora of events, this club epitomizes the essence of the sport in Toronto. Besides regular open plays, the club offers training sessions, tournaments, and events which cater to players of all levels. Amenities include well-maintained restrooms, a lounge area, and equipment rentals for those who might not have their gear. The court surfaces are of high-quality concrete, ensuring a consistent bounce and play. Accessibility is a breeze, with ample parking space and proximity to public transport. What sets this club apart is its dedication to promoting pickleball, often hosting events that not only entertain but educate players about the nuances of the game.

L’Amoreaux Tennis Centre

L’Amoreaux Tennis Centre, situated in Scarborough, is a multifaceted sports complex that’s not just limited to tennis. Recognizing the soaring popularity of pickleball, the centre has dedicated slots for pickleball play during specific times of the week. With state-of-the-art amenities including spacious locker rooms, seating areas, and even a snack bar, players can relax before or after their matches. The courts are primarily made of asphalt, offering a smooth playing experience. Accessibility is seamless, thanks to its central location and ample parking. What makes L’Amoreaux stand out is its hybrid approach. Players can transition between tennis and pickleball, making it a hub for racquet sports lovers. Plus, the center often holds workshops and training sessions, helping players refine their skills.

Address: 300 Silver Springs Blvd, Scarborough, ON M1V 1S4, Canada

pickleball court

Sir Winston Churchill Park Tennis Club

Tucked amidst the lush greenery of Spadina Road, the Sir Winston Churchill Park Tennis Club offers a serene ambiance for pickleball lovers. Known for its dynamic approach, the club transitioned some of its pristine tennis courts for pickleball, catering to the game’s rising demand. The court surface is a mix of concrete and acrylic, ensuring durability and consistent play. Amenities are top-notch, with clean restrooms, a cozy clubhouse, and equipment rentals for those in need. Accessibility is smooth with both parking and public transportation options nearby. The club’s specialty lies in its community-centric approach. Regular socials, mixers, and tournaments ensure that members not only play but also bond, making it a social hub for pickleball aficionados in the city.

Address: 301 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M5P 1N5, Canada

Kew Gardens Tennis Club

Boasting a rich history and a breathtaking location near Lake Ontario, Kew Gardens Tennis Club has become a haven for pickleball players in Toronto. Renowned for its fusion of tradition and modernity, the club has seamlessly integrated pickleball into its offerings. The courts are a blend of concrete and synthetic materials, ensuring a top-notch playing experience. With amenities like a charming clubhouse, well-appointed locker rooms, and equipment rentals, players get a comprehensive package. It’s easily accessible, located in the Beaches area, with both parking facilities and close public transit options. The club’s specialty is its blend of sports and social events. Regular tournaments meet social mixers, allowing players to compete and connect. Moreover, the picturesque setting provides an added incentive for early morning or sunset games, making it truly a unique venue.

Address: 77 Kewbeach Ave, Toronto, ON M4L 1B8, Canada

North Toronto Memorial Community Centre

Centrally located in the bustling Eglinton and Oriole Parkway intersection, the North Toronto Memorial Community Centre offers more than just a recreational escape. While known for a myriad of activities, its pickleball drop-in sessions have garnered significant attention. The courts, made of premium-grade hardwood, provide a different play feel that many enthusiasts cherish. Comprehensive amenities such as spacious changing rooms, a relaxation area, and easy equipment rentals make it player-friendly. Its prime location ensures it’s easily reachable, with ample parking and public transit links. The center’s uniqueness lies in its diverse community engagement. Not just limited to pickleball, after a good game, players can indulge in a swim or join a fitness class, making it a holistic recreational hub in the heart of Toronto.

Address: 200 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M4R 1A7, Canada

Dunlace Tennis Club

Tucked away in the serene neighborhood of North York, Dunlace Tennis Club is a gem for pickleball lovers. Recognizing the sport’s soaring momentum, Dunlace has incorporated pickleball into its roster, hosting dedicated playtimes and events. The courts are asphalt-based, providing consistent bounce and gameplay. Essential amenities such as restrooms, a seating area, and a refreshment zone ensure players’ comfort. Located off of Leslie Street, it’s easily accessible with sufficient parking and nearby public transportation. The club’s standout feature is its community-driven approach. Regular instructional clinics cater to both novices and seasoned players, fostering skill development. Furthermore, its proximity to local parks provides an opportunity for post-game relaxation, adding a touch of nature to the sports experience.

Address: 28 Dunlace Dr, North York, ON M2L 2S1, Canada

pickleball raquets

Wanless Park Tennis Club

Situated in the scenic Wanless Park area, Wanless Park Tennis Club provides a sublime blend of sports and nature. Known for its warm and inviting community, the club has graciously integrated pickleball, dedicating specific hours to cater to its rising fandom. The courts here are made of Har-Tru clay, offering a unique playing surface that is both gentle on the joints and offers a different ball bounce. Amenities such as a comfortable clubhouse, clean restrooms, and a small cafe area enhance the player’s experience. Easily accessible by transit and with dedicated parking, its location is ideal. What truly sets the club apart is its emphasis on family-friendly activities. Regularly hosting events, lessons, and socials, it’s not just about the game, but the camaraderie, making it a social hub for both tennis and pickleball enthusiasts.

Address: 230 Wanless Ave, Toronto, ON M4N 1V6, Canada

Howard Park Tennis Club

Nestled in the vibrant west end, the Howard Park Tennis Club stands as a testament to the city’s evolving racquet sports culture. Proudly sporting a legacy in tennis, the club has recently expanded to include dedicated pickleball courts. These courts are crafted from premium-grade asphalt, ensuring a consistent and reliable playing surface. The club boasts excellent amenities like a viewing deck, well-maintained restrooms, and equipment rentals for those spontaneous games. Situated in the heart of Roncesvalles Village, accessibility is a breeze with ample parking and nearby public transit options. The club’s hallmark is its commitment to fostering a close-knit community. Seasonal events, inter-club challenges, and workshops ensure members remain engaged, informed, and ever-improving in their game.

Address: 430 Parkside Dr, Toronto, ON M6R 2Z3, Canada

Davisville Tennis Club

Located amidst the bustling Midtown area, Davisville Tennis Club is an urban oasis for pickleball and tennis aficionados alike. Celebrated for its active membership and lively atmosphere, the club has seamlessly integrated pickleball, offering dedicated courts and playtimes. These courts, primarily made of acrylic over asphalt, provide optimal playing conditions. Players are treated to top-tier amenities, including modern locker rooms, a refreshment bar, and equipment storage options. Its central location ensures it’s easily reachable, with multiple transit routes and parking options. However, the club’s standout feature is its array of member-led events. From pickleball ladder leagues to themed social nights, there’s always something happening. For those looking for a mix of competitive play and social interaction in the heart of the city, Davisville Tennis Club is the place to be.

Address: 220 Davisville Ave, Toronto, ON, Canada

court for pickleball

Mimico Tennis Club

Perched on the western lakeshore, Mimico Tennis Club offers a delightful experience for both tennis and pickleball enthusiasts. Esteemed for its picturesque setting and tranquil ambiance, the club has made generous provisions for pickleball, allocating specific hours and courts for the sport. The courts, made of top-quality asphalt, promise a smooth and even playing experience. Key amenities include a rest area, equipment rentals, and spotless restrooms. Its location by the lake makes it effortlessly accessible, with sufficient parking and public transportation in close proximity. What sets Mimico apart is its emphasis on fostering a holistic sports environment. Seasonal events, instructional workshops, and friendly tournaments encapsulate the club’s commitment to both fun and skill development, making it a premier destination for pickleball lovers.

Address: 29 George St, Etobicoke, ON M8V 2S1, Canada

Mooredale Sports Club

Located in the heart of Rosedale, Mooredale Sports Club stands as a testament to Toronto’s multifaceted sports culture. While the club offers an array of sports, it’s the inclusion of pickleball that has piqued significant interest. These courts, featuring an asphalt surface, cater to both novices and pros. Amenities such as a cozy clubhouse, locker rooms, and snack bars elevate the playing experience. Its central locale ensures ease of accessibility with numerous transit options and parking availability. Mooredale’s uniqueness stems from its community-driven ethos. Beyond just games, the club organizes community events, social mixers, and pickleball leagues, ensuring members have myriad opportunities to engage, learn, and enjoy the sport’s social aspect.

Address: 146 Crescent Rd, Toronto, ON M4W 1V2, Canada

Eglinton Flats Tennis Club

Nestled amidst the expansive Eglinton Flats parkland, the Eglinton Flats Tennis Club is a green oasis for pickleball aficionados. Celebrated for its sprawling courts and serene ambiance, the club has been proactive in introducing pickleball to its roster. The courts, constructed from premium concrete, offer players a consistent bounce and durable play surface. Players benefit from top-notch amenities like a rest lounge, clean restrooms, and equipment storage. Its location, while ensconced in nature, is easily accessible with ample parking and nearby transit links. The club’s standout feature is its blend of competitive and recreational play. Regular tournaments are balanced with casual play sessions, making it an inclusive space for players of all skill levels. Coupled with its idyllic setting, it’s a must-visit for those seeking both challenge and relaxation.

Address: 3601 Eglinton Ave W, York, ON M6M 1V7, Canada

pickleball in a court

High Park Club

Nestled within the city’s iconic High Park, the High Park Club provides a unique blend of nature and sport, drawing both seasoned pickleball players and beginners. Famed for its long-standing heritage in various racquet sports, the club has embraced the rising tide of pickleball by offering dedicated courts and time slots for enthusiasts. The courts are crafted from quality asphalt, ensuring consistent play. Among its amenities are a classic clubhouse, equipment rentals, and well-maintained restrooms. Its prime location within the park ensures it is easily accessible via public transit, and parking facilities are available nearby. The club’s charm lies in its community-centric events; frequent tournaments, social evenings, and coaching sessions create a vibrant atmosphere where passion for the sport and social connections merge seamlessly.

Address: 100 Indian Rd, Toronto, ON M6R 2V4, Canada

Rosedale Tennis Club

Located in one of Toronto’s most prestigious neighborhoods, the Rosedale Tennis Club offers a premium pickleball experience. While its legacy is rooted in tennis, the club’s adaptation to include pickleball showcases its commitment to evolving with sports trends. Players can expect top-notch asphalt courts, ensuring a smooth gameplay. Amenities include an elegant clubhouse, equipment storage options, and pristine locker rooms. Its location in the heart of Rosedale ensures easy accessibility, complemented by ample parking. The club’s uniqueness is its dedication to member engagement. Regular member-guest events, instructional clinics, and social mixers epitomize its commitment to both skill enhancement and community-building. For those seeking an upscale pickleball experience combined with a rich social calendar, Rosedale Tennis Club is the place to be.

Address: 20 Scholfield Ave, Toronto, ON M4W 2Y3, Canada

Central Tennis Club

Situated in the bustling midtown area, the Central Tennis Club is a testament to Toronto’s vibrant racquet sports scene. Recognized for its inclusive approach, the club has seamlessly incorporated pickleball into its offerings, dedicating courts and organizing events tailored to the sport. These courts are made of a durable concrete blend, ensuring optimal playing conditions. Key facilities such as a cozy lounge area, equipment rentals, and modern restrooms add to the player’s comfort. Its central location offers impeccable accessibility, with both public transit options and parking available. What sets Central Tennis Club apart is its focus on player development. From beginners to advanced players, the club offers coaching sessions, workshops, and competitive leagues, ensuring every member has an opportunity to refine their skills and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Address: 40 Montgomery Rd, Etobicoke, ON M8X 1Z7, Canada

Local Pickleball Events & Leagues

Pickleball in Toronto isn’t just a sport; it’s a thriving community. Numerous local events, tournaments, and leagues pepper the city’s sports calendar throughout the year. These range from casual community get-togethers to more competitive league matches that cater to both novice and advanced players.

Overview of Local Events, Tournaments, and Leagues: Several local clubs, including the Toronto Pickleball Club, Rosedale Tennis Club, and High Park Club, among others, host regular tournaments and events. These often include categories based on skill levels, ensuring everyone gets a fair shot at competition. Besides tournaments, there are seasonal leagues that allow for more extended gameplay and competition.

How to Join or Register: Registration processes may vary, but most clubs and organizations offer online sign-ups through their websites. Typically, you’d need to provide basic details and pay an entry or membership fee, if applicable.

Benefits of Participating: Engaging in these events allows players to hone their skills, understand the nuances of the game, and build a network within the pickleball community. It also offers a structured platform for competition, growth, and camaraderie.

Tips for First-timers

pickleball being played by players

Starting with pickleball? Welcome to a world of fun, agility, and a fantastic community. Here are some essential tips to smoothen your initiation:

  • While peak hours can vary, weekdays during late mornings and early afternoons typically see fewer players. Also, consider checking out court schedules, as some venues offer specific hours for beginners.
  • At a minimum, you’ll need a pickleball paddle and balls. While many clubs offer rental options, if you’re looking to invest, sports stores across Toronto, like Sporting Life or National Sports, have a range of pickleball equipment. Some community centers also provide equipment rentals for nominal fees.

Basic Etiquette and Rules to Be Aware Of

  • Always wait for a break in play before crossing a court. 
  • Avoid ‘poaching’ or hitting a ball that’s clearly on your partner’s side. Familiarize yourself with the ‘non-volley zone’ or the ‘kitchen’ rules – stepping into this area to volley is a fault.
  • It’s also polite to introduce yourself when joining a new group or court. 

Remember, pickleball is as much about the community as it is about the game. Respecting the rules and other players will ensure you get the most out of your pickleball experience.

After a lively session at Toronto’s top pickleball courts, why not unwind and continue the fun at one of Toronto’s best board game bars and cafes?

Key Takeaways

  • Toronto has seen a surge in pickleball’s popularity, with various clubs and community centers offering dedicated courts and time slots for enthusiasts.
  • Clubs like the Toronto Pickleball Club, High Park Club, Rosedale Tennis Club, and many others stand out for their excellent facilities, community approach, and commitment to promoting the sport.
  • Toronto hosts a plethora of pickleball events, ranging from casual meet-ups to competitive leagues, providing opportunities for players of all skill levels to participate and hone their skills.
  • First-timers are advised to play during off-peak hours to avoid crowds, invest in essential equipment, and familiarize themselves with basic pickleball etiquette and rules.
  • Beyond the game itself, pickleball in Toronto offers a vibrant community experience. Participation in events and leagues not only enhances skills but also helps in building connections within the pickleball community.
  • Proper equipment, including paddles and balls, can be rented or purchased from various spots in Toronto. Adhering to the sport’s etiquette ensures a smooth and enjoyable playing experience for everyone involved.
  • Toronto’s pickleball scene is diverse and welcoming, with opportunities for players of all ages and skill levels to join, learn, compete, and socialize.


  1. Can beginners play in the Toronto Pickleball Club?
    Absolutely! The Toronto Pickleball Club caters to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players.
  1. Where can I participate in local pickleball events or tournaments?
    Clubs like Mooredale Sports Club, High Park Club, and others frequently host local events, tournaments, and leagues.
  1. Can I rent pickleball equipment in Toronto?
    Yes, many clubs and community centers offer equipment rentals. Stores like Sporting Life also sell pickleball gear.
  1. What’s the best time for beginners to play and avoid crowds?
    Off-peak hours, typically weekdays during late mornings and early afternoons, are usually less crowded.
  1. What is the ‘non-volley zone’ or ‘kitchen’ in pickleball?
    It’s an area close to the net where you can’t volley the ball. Stepping into this zone to volley results in a fault.
  1. Do I need to be a club member to play pickleball?
    While some clubs might require membership, others offer guest passes or public hours for non-members.
  1. Can I join a pickleball league as an individual or do I need a team?
    Both options are available. Individuals can join and be paired up, or entire teams can register.

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